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I want a custom leather jacket, any help?

Asked by shniernan (981points) March 19th, 2012

Anyone here that’s ever played Fallout will understand why, but I realized that I really need a jacket, and I am in love with this design. I really want a jacket with that logo on the back, and the pockets on the front. (I would prefer it didn’t have all the metal studs in it. However that belt loop on the front is pretty cool.)

Anyways, back to the topic. How would I even get this made/where would I buy this? Anything would be great.

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Just look for a leathercraft shop in your city. Most cities have at least one, and usually several. They will make custom leather jackets to order, but they’re not cheap. The price I was quoted for a very basic custom-made bomber jacket design was $800.

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Give this guy a call.

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The last custom leather jacket I saw, cost over a thousand dollars. Mens clothing store in Connecticut.

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When my husband lived in Bogota, Colombia he had two leather jackets made for about $125 each! Actually four, because his first two were stolen. There must be people in America who do it, assuming you live in America, but I think the others who answered here are right, it will be pretty pricey.

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Here is a link that might help.

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If you can find a plain jacket of the style you want, you may be able to commission an artist to paint it for you. I’ve painted 2 leather jackets; one for myself and one for my brother; I used artist’s acrylic paints which are waterproof and flexible when dry, so the painting lasts for ever without cracking or peeling.

If you can find a jacket and you live in the UK, PM me. I could paint that.

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Please note: I live in Southern California, I have some money stashed up but not much because I am a minor, and the specifics and the point is that I want that snake DESIGN on the back. I don’t need custom fittings or anything like that, I just want that design etched/painted/whatevered onto the back of the jacket.

Thanks for the suggestions! :>

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@shniernan I think your best bet would be to try to find a cheap plain jacket in a thrift store or on ebay, and then find a local artist to paint the design on the back for you.

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I’m thinking about making this a question inof itself, but has anyone had any experience with I really don’t want to base my argument for them off of one instance I saw where somebody on Yahoo answers vouched for the site.

Anyways, you send the jacket in, they custom make any design, any size. For like… under 200$. Can anyone reassure me of their professionalism?

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