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What were you doing immediately prior to coming on here?

Asked by ucme (45361points) January 20th, 2013

Just then I mean, maybe you were on another site, or you just came in from work. Perhaps you just ate, were asleep, used the netty, I dunno…that’s why i’m asking see, nosey bugger that I am.
I just got through another spot of pwnage on xbox live, Black Ops II to be precise.

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I just took a shower and then cooked lunch. Contemplating doing some work eventually…

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I usually check Facebook several times a day.

Before that, I was making and drinking tea. Today I’m trying to clean up around the house, as my child is not here so I can do what I want with some freedom.

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I just finished teaching a fiddle lesson… (As in violin!)

The rest of the day has been spent packing.

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Hauled wood in the house. It’s going to be cold this week.

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Eating cake.

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I was sleeping. Made coffee, and now I’m checking my online stuff.

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* yawn * just woke up from a long Sunday nap.

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Laundry and scrubbing cat barf from the carpet on the stairs. My cats have not barfed in years.

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12 minutes ago I was brushing my giant, hairy cat out on my deck. Just before that I got home from picking up a few groceries and am going to have a quiet day in the cold sunshine over here.

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You see, look at that, completely pointless information & yet interesting at the same time.
Oh & generous portions all round of that sily thing we call lurve, fluther is truly great!

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I was a hot avatar dancing in a club I just made. I have massive boobs, and a hot ass. Then I popped into Fluther.

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I was packing.

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Managing one of the many fake accounts I have on fluther.

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Vacuuming my car. Trying to vacuum Milo.

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Hey @gailcalled we have a beautiful wintry scene outside, it’s been snowing here for days, still not as stunning as the views from your place though.

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^^^LIke this or this
Do you enjoy the snow? Do you have to plow and shovel?

MY icicles are sometimes the size of lethal weapons.

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I was saying goodbye to my daughter who came for an overnight visit.

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Searching on google to see if a woodchuck can actually chuck wood or not, and if not, why the name.

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A friend dropped by and we were catching up.

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Cleaning the bathrooms (including Martin’s litterbox!) and doing my Mom’s laundry (for anyone who doesn’t know me at Fluther, my mother has advanced Alzheimer’s isn’t capable of self-care).

Then, I sat down to take a breather and watch a little football.

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I was trying to pare down the 50 or so paint swatches I picked up at the paint store. This activity involves holding the swatches against the wall to be painted, the trim work that is on the wall, the cabinetry that is near the wall, etc., etc. I’ve now eliminated thirty or so and have more forensic work to do ;-) When I get the pile down to three or four, I’ll purchase samples and apply to the wall before committing to the project.

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Taking the tablecloth off the dining room table and shaking out the crumbs. Before I put a fresh one on, I’m going to use my sewing machine on the bare table for a little while.

Gad, I can hardly stand how tame and domestic that sounds, even though it’s the truth. For the good of my reputation, I wish I’d just been doing something outlandish—painting symbols on a ceremonial mask, for instance, or installing a roost for bats.

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Sitting on my throne.

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@Jeruba Thank you for reminding me that Paul spilled some dinner last night and made a huge mess on my sparkling-white, carefully-ironed tablecloth. I need to launder it today…before the mess sets into a stain.

Ah…such is the life of a housewife!

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@gailcalled You could use one of those icicles to kill someone and the murder weapon would just melt away! Not that you would.

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I was playing video games. Now I’m going back lol.

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I just came back from a meeting with some coworkers. (It’s 4:45 pm). Outside, the temp is -4C with high winds so my hands are still cold as I type. I will get a mug of tea and eat some pistachio nuts.
The project is getting scary – but good.

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Listening to opera (Les Huguenots) on Spotify whilst reading A Storm of Swords :)

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Was re-assembling an airbrush that was drying out after cleaning. I used it yesterday to paint some big snowflake shapes.
[ @hearkat Does that means that they started up again or has it been in the stairs carpet that long ?! ]

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@gailcalled It’s fun for snowball fights & building snowmen with the kids & my dog absolutely loves to bury her nose in it…yeah, she’s a bit mad.
I only shovel the drive & walkways, common sense really.
Those icicles are like mammoth stalagtites, very impressive.
@Blackberry Same as me fella, lazy fucking sundays!

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Sleeping in my recliner.

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I was skyping with my mom and one of my best friends!

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@deni Was this a long rope, or…?
Only kidding, it’s good for morale.

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Having my first cup of tea of the day while talking with my husband. We do that each day. It is one of my favourite times of every day.

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@dabblerIt was fresh. I was surprised to see it since it is a rarity. They have both been behaving normally all day… I’m puzzled.

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My gosh, @PaulSadieMartin, not I. I am not and never have been subject to the label “housewife.” I wouldn’t denigrate it, but it’s not for me, ever, no matter how many tablecloths I muster and deploy.

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Just went to the movies (Amour), then out to an early dinner.

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@filmfann Did you like it?

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@chyna Very depressing.

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watching the pats

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I was organizing weed for tonight.

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I was sleepin’, then workin’.

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How nice of you to ask. I had an unusually busy day today, and didn’t get to my computer until 7 pm.

The dog woke me up an hour earlier than I planned on getting up, but it turned out to be a good thing, since I got more done that way. I had time for a shower, and my youngest grandson insisted on joining me in the bathtub.

After breakfast, we barely had time to dress my two little grandsons and head over to the mall to get their hair cut. While they were in the Salon, I found an exceptionally good sale and bought four pair of slacks instead of just one. From there, we drove down to their house for a scheduled play date with two other kids. The others cancelled, so we drove over to the play court with just our two and their two grandmas and mom.

Dad and grandad had to prepare the yard for a handicap ramp they are building. The play court was closed, so we ended up at a large McDonalds play area, and of course spent money on food. A couple of hours later, we picked up Grandad and left off Grandma and Mom and went shopping.

After a trip to WalMart for food and shoes, we dropped off some mail at the post office and stopped by Payless shoes to see if they had what I was looking for. They didn’t, then on home, where I fixed dinner and we all ate.

Now I’m back in my usual recliner, watching TV and Fluthering.

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Dancing with my daughter to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up on JustDance4 for Kinect.

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I was watching Friends with my sister and pinning food and nail art on Pinterest. I finally got tired enough to go to bed, but now that I did I’m not tired enough to go to sleep anymore! So here I am, Fluthering at 1am on a Sunday night/Monday morning.

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@zensky Is it a soft recliner? :D

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This time around, I just finished editing an article. Still love doing it!

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Studying first aid for dogs!

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I was having some seriously weird dreams (then I had the ritual tea and chat again).

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Taking down the Christmas tree.

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Seeing as this thread is still open, I just got in from taking my dawg for her late night walk.
Blizzard blasting in our face, not pleasant, but she must have her walk.

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I also had to go out. Man it’s cold out there, Inuit style.

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I have been out snappng pics in the sun, which is now setting soon. Got some really cool backlit shots of some ethereal, feathery grass tassles. Now it’s Corona time. :-)

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Just finishing up the last of my chinese leftovers for lunch (kung pao tofu) and watching Night Rider. Now it’s time for a burst of work.

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Lying in bed, listening to the rain.

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4:10 p.m. on the west coast and I enjoyed an afternoon massage in my home about an hour ago.
Feelin’ groovy and am now popping in fluther here and there while commencing to slicing and dicing onions, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, and whipping up a yummy spaghetti dinner with the works.
Oooh garlic bread! :-D

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I was checking Facebook. Before coming online I was hanging the washing up to dry!

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