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Do you own any paintings by painters you know?

Asked by burntbonez (5202points) January 20th, 2013

How do you know the painters? Do the painters make a living through their painting? What kind of paintings are they? Pictures of the paintings, if that can be arranged, would be cool.

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My grandpa and my aunt. Abstract.

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Most of the paintings hanging in my home are my own. I have artwork from friends, but I don’t think any of them are paintings. I have some ceramic elephant bookends that my grandmother made, and then painted, that’s about as close as it gets, though.

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I have a post-modern figurative painting by my sister who was an art teacher for more than 30 years.

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We have several paintings that my father-in-law did. He is a professional artist and was also an art teacher for 30 years. There are people, landscapes and buildings.

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I own a painting by family friend Michael Pavlovsky, the artist whose 7,000-pound bronze sculpture stands in the lobby of the National Civil Rights Museum. I’m very proud of it.

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The paintings here are all either done by us or our friends. Photos too.
Some of our friends have sold lots of paintings but none makes their primary income that way.

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Several by friends of my husband’s when he was single. One was given to us as a wedding gift.

The painters used to make a living with their art. I don’t know about now.

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My mother owns a painting from her mother’s brother’s wife’s sister. She owns another from my middle school art teacher. Both are of flowers. The first is a picture of red lupines, the latter is of pink roses.

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Yes, myself. I think I know myself, yes. I don’t make a living.

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My ex-roommate’s uncle was an artist, so we had several of his paintings up. I wasn’t a huge fan of the his, but still they weren’t horrible. I found what I didn’t like was not being able to hang any other non-original artwork because my roommate felt it looked cheap next to the oil paintings and maybe she was right.

To be honest, I’m not sure she was such a big fan either, but what do you do when a family member gives you a $3,000 painting? This guy made a nice living off his landscapes – including traveling to Europe for inspiration. The funny thing is, if you saw him, you would never think he’s an artist. He dresses like someone who has no taste or style at all.

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My grandmother, brother, sister, son, aunt, mother, grandson, granddaughter and wife.

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My grandmother:

Memories of her youth in a Russian schtetl, living close to the poverty line.
“Schtetl with floating ghosts”:
Another version of the schtetl; used as a Christmas card at my mother’s retirement community

My mother’s Nude with Sunglasses

My sister’s study of a Pear with Matchstick
My sister’s study of an Apple with Candy and Currants

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They are mostly family members who make a living at it.
They range from Oils to Photography.

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The walls of my house are covered with the paintings of my mother-in-law and my brother, as well as those of another artist we know through friends. Both earned money for their work, although neither made a full living from their art. My brother makes about half his living from his art.

My brother’s work is political in nature. He takes modern issues like pollution and global warming and sets symbols of those issues in the context of classical paintings. Sometimes it is in the literal context, and sometimes in the visual style—often Hudson River School.

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One from a local artist, a huge, 5×5 modern abstract oceanic theme in blended blues, greens, golds and browns and another pet portrait I had commissioned a few years ago
I also have 2 from my daughter who is quite talented. She is still working on an acrylic customized color scheme to match my bedroom.

It is a abstract panel of my goose ‘Marwyn” in shades of greens,yellows and turquoise blues with Hawaiian Ginger flowers in the background.
Of course by the time she finishes it I will probably have redecorated my room again. lol

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I own a painting by our own @DigitalBlue. I absolutely love it!

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@gailcalled Lovely paintings. I like your sister’s pictures and I particularly like the first one by your grandmother. The one of the interior and the window.

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I have spent way to much money on art because I got to meet and mingle with the artists. That doesn’t really mean I know them though.
My favorite piece is one of the less expensive. I had it commissioned. I don’t have a link to my picture but I can show you the artists page here

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