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How many pictures hang from the walls in your home.

Asked by flutherother (34521points) January 23rd, 2022

I have 14, mostly framed prints but I also have two hand painted pictures.

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14. Some paintings. Some needlework. Some photographs.

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If you count, say, 9 pictures in a single frame as 9, then hundreds.

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Of my deceased brother-in-law.

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26. I have three more large pieces to be framed.

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Well. At this point, 1. It’s a wooden carving of a Mucha print. I got it from the estate when my dad’s wife died. However I have 3 watercolor originals by my Mom in storage, and several more originals rolled up in tubes, in my closet, ready to be framed. Those also came from the estate. I haven’t seen them yet. There are 4 I think.
Then maybe 15 rando pictures in various mediums, in storage.

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14, if you count only pictures (not sculpted wall hangings) only actually hanging on walls.

40 if you more generously qualify such things as pictures displayed on stands, hanging or propped on things other than walls, etc.

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64 I just counted, 50 more in storage in closets.

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Zero. I have not hung one thing on a wall since I bought this house.

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Not counting our wall of family photos in the hall (there’s about 60 of those), we have about 30 framed and matted images. Mostly prints, couple photos.

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Most of mine are originals. * smirk *

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Usually, I have many more than what I have now. Currently, it’s 10, but I have about 7 more that should be up, and even more that would still be in a closet.

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presently None as I removed all my pressed flower scenes and Family History pedigree and chart ( one large frame).
I usually put up things that reflect the season at the time. ( I take down all Spring/Summer framed aart or phtographs and have hbare walls during Christmas and or winter months to expand the livingroom somewhat and to declutter the walls as I place Christmas decorations on bookshleves and table for a short time )

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When we bought this house 12 years ago, I wouldn’t let my wife hang any pictures on the wall, because I was worried we wouldn’t be able to keep it, since I was now making 2 house payments.
Since then we sold the other house, paid off this one, and I retired. We then started putting up all the pictures, since we were no longer worried about putting holes in the walls.
We may have gone overboard.

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Holes are easy to patch.

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Probably around 30–40.

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Can’t wait till we get to the point we can start hanging pictures so I can count them for y’all!

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All the art currently on my walls:

1 wooden board with a cutout of a tiny bycicle
1 traditional Korean winter scene, painted by me
1 far-off beach scene, painted by a relative
1 Magritte print (The Poison/Good Fortune)
1 small and washed-out poppy, painted by a friend
1 photo of my sisters
2 photos of dogs

There are also two drawings by my sister (5) on the fridge:

1 “Welcome Home” sign with a heart and a dog
1 snowman (though we were given two “so you don’t fight”)

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Snowman fight! LOLL!

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