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Wait a minute .... Did I miss something or did the new iPhone still not fix the cut and paste issue?

Asked by Upward (740points) June 10th, 2008 from iPhone

Cut and paste was the #1 issue with the iPhone’s surly they fixed it.

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They didn’t.. Shoot me in the face. This is my major gripe.

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Guess they really didn’t want to make their goal of 10 million iPhone’s on the street. I would have replaced my iPhone if it would have got me cut and paste… They’ll be lucky to end the year with 5 million on the street unless they can get 2.1 with cut and paste ASAP.

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i don’t think that’ll be possible through 3rd party app’s, since it’s not allowed as a background process, right ?

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@upward… seriously, seriously doubt cut-n-paste is on the make-or-break list of new iPhone customers. Upgraders maybe, but even then, not much. Apple will make 10M easy (and that was probably forecast with way fewer countries in their pocket… with over 70 now – and the way lower price – some folks are saying 20M.)

@iwa, well, a 3rd party app could probably come up with local copy & paste for itself… but yah, I agree, a 3rd party app probably could not handle global copy & paste for all areas, not just for the backgrounding reasons, but for sandboxing in general.

Finally, Apple is notorious for not explaining every little detail about its new products. Copy & paste might very well show up in the next SDK release. It might first be discovered when the 3G iPhones are in the wild. No telling.

I just wish they’d knock it out sooner rather than later. Lotsa folks have mocked up their ideas… so one would think it’s almost a trivial effort. Wonder what the hold up is?

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@robmandu – You’re right new iphone customers might jump on in. But the #1 issue I’ve heard over the last year was the cut and paste not being enabled. The price and new tricks are cool, but not enough to get me to purchase a new model. Well, unless I see an app that is offering something over the top. Something that is a time saver and fixes a real day by day issue.

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