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Have you ever met or are you currently friends with someone who you wish was a different sex because you think if they were compatible with your sexual preference you could have a meaningful relationship?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 24th, 2013

Or have you met someone whom you wish was into whatever gender you are?

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I try to have meaningful relationships with anyone I find interesting.

I don’t necessarily want to have a sexual relationship with every interesting person I meet, and there are a great many uninteresting people with whom I’d love to give sexual relationships a whirl. Just for the shiggles. Oh, and gender doesn’t really play into either.

Thank the gods for self-control.

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I just found an old letter from a friend who wrote that he wished he was the opposite gender so that we could be together. (This was before I transitioned, and was only into women.) And I’ve had a thing for him since before I transitioned and we both came out as gay, haha. Life is funny.

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Was should be were after “they”.

Maybe Hawaii_Jake or Wunday.

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Not really. I like people as they are. I try not to change them or even want to change them.

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@zensky Wow really! I guess I should be thanking you for your help with my grammatical error. But since this isn’t an online English class I really don’t care.

But since you brought it up, you was so busy correcting me that you forgot to put quotation marks around “Was” and “were”.

Your sentence should’ve looked like this:

“Was” should be “were” after “they”.

Next time you might want to double check your work before correcting someone else’s.

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Oh, yes. There’s a girl that has always liked me, ever since high school. And she and I have so much in common, and she’s one of the most positive, nice people I know. She actually told me that she’d be dating me if I were straight, but instead she’s dating someone who’s essentially the straight version of me (and this is somewhat true—the guy is similar to me in many ways). Either way, she’s been with that guy for years and they’re probably going to get married. But there’s little doubt that if I had been straight, we probably would’ve dated. It’s interesting to think about.

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^ Every major male crush in my life, husband aside, has been either gay or bisexual. Why is that?

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Who knows? Every guy I like seems to be straight, even the ones that have some stereotypically gay traits…it blows :(

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@Seek_Kolinahr : That very same situation is what convinced me, after a long and circuitous path, that I was a gay guy myself…

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Not really, I have great friends of both sexes, mostly male though, but either way I’m married, so I wouldn’t be having sex with anyone besides my husband.

I have several lesbian friends that are all in relationships, but some are so freakin’ cool that if I were a lesbian, I’d totally be with them…lol

@DominicX You need to come here to visit, we’re a college town, a pretty large and active gay community!

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I do believe that @bookish1 has already been every gender known to man, woman, gay man, lesbian, fag hag, lez leaech, what evuh. I think I’ll just sit back and get reports from the field from time to time.

Ok, living on the edge there, but I think I can get away with it. Please, no rotten peaches. I hate rotten peaches!

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@bookish1 Interesting. I’m pretty happy being female, all things considered. Still, I am often attracted to gay dudes. Weird world.

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@wundayatta : Now, now. Not every gender…I was just pretending to be a girl before because I thought it was the best I could do. It is fairly accurate to say, however, that I have had every sexual orientation known to man. How many people have gotten to sleep with lesbians and gay men? :-D

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@bookish1 How many people have gotten to sleep with lesbians and gay men?

I’ll bet there are at least one or two others besides you here on fluther.

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