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Who is about to go outside and look up at the spectacular full "Wolf" moon now?

Asked by gailcalled (54522points) January 26th, 2013

Howling is permitted, in fact encouraged. Wolf moon.

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The clouds moved just enough for me to see the moon. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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It’s amazing. it’s lighting up the landscape.

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Well, I did because you asked the question. Thanks for the info about the Wolf moon.
I didn’t howl. I was afraid I’d scare the cat.

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I went outside just now. Totally overcast. Oh well…

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I’m going to a concert tonight called “Bach to Broadway: Nothing but Treble” by a close friend of mine who sings soprano. I’ll have a wonderful opportunity then to see it.

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Big haunting version here in the Pacific Northwest.

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This is how it looked by me in the north Jersey. Minus the wolf. I noticed it as we were driving to see a show in Manhattan last night. It reminded me of a piece of old parchment. It was quite striking.

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It’s been raining for about 48 hours so there is no hope of seeing the moon. One minute a heatwave, the next flooding.

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