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Have you been inspired lately?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) January 27th, 2013

Some of the poetry on this site, posted in earlier questions inspire me. Some of the people here inspire me. In real life, nature does, Art and special people.

Special people to me have a sort of aura around them. My daughter is law is like that. When she smiles I swear she shines a golden light into the room. My SO inspires me he is always calm. Always patient, never quick to anger. I sometimes which I could inspire myself!

So what inspires you? Or has done lately. How does it effect you?

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Yes. I’m reading a collection of delightful short stories publishd and written by the father of one of my co-workers and thinking, by golly, I could do the same!

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I get inspired by different things really and its always what other people have managed to achieve when the odds appear to be stacked against them. Just to give an example when I watched the paralympics (or see somebody on the news that has lost a limb) it can inspire me that I am capable of doing better or more than I am right now because suddenly having a sore neck or my computer playing up does not seem to be that major.

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I find that Fluther inspires me. All these people baring their souls and talking about things that matter to them. I wish the rest of society could be like this; that people could be so accepting.

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I was recently inspired by someone who survived stage 4 cancer. The doctors didn’t think she would live.

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A good dose of inspiration would be very welcome right now. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

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Not lately but have enjoyed many inspiring moments. I’m with @Sunny2 have some overwhelming things going on right now myself, but hey, I WAS inspired to whip up a magnificent spaghetti sauce this morning that is simmering away for a yummy 4 o’ clock dinner.
Simple inspirations, being really present with the peppers. Chop peppers slice onions. haha

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I find inspiration daily in the small things. If I didn’t I would be lost.

@Coloma Haha yes!

@burntbonez I agree it is beautiful

@Sunny2 I hope you find something!

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