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How much of lurve says it likes your answer or question and how much says it likes you?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) January 27th, 2013

So I figure that most of lurve is about an answer or a question. But some of it is about the jelly. What portion is which, in your opinion? Why do you think that?

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I never give lurve just because I like a person. If any lurve is given by me, it’s done because I like the answer.

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For me, 100% vs. 0%.

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How could you figure that out? By your own actions? By taking a poll? Or do you just have suspicions? I don’t see where a knowledgeable answer would be found.

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I think we’re being asked how we feel lurve is being handed out to us. So I feel like about 80%-90% of the lurve I get is for my answer and about 10–20% of it is for me. Or that in about 10% of cases, I don’t get any lurve because someone might not approve of my views in general, even if they appreciated the specific answer.

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Yes. Like @wundayatta said. I’m wondering how you interpret lurve. This is just an opinion. There’s no way of knowing what others are doing. But you might have a feeling about how it seems to you that others are handing out lurve.

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I have no idea but I have maxed out on giving certain people lurve which makes me mad. Because I happen to like the answers that specific person gives does not necessarily imply favoritism in the sense that it I am best buds with that specific jelly.

If the whole lurve maxing out only lasts a short period of time I wouldn’t mind it so much.

I don’t know why it bothers me it just does.

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What do you mean by maxing out on giving someone lurve? Can you no longer give someone a GA? That doesn’t seem right.

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@burntbonez You can GA or GQ forvever – but the points max out at 100. In other words, if you’ve given me 100 points worth of lurve in GA’s or GQ’s – you can continue to up the GA or GQ, but I won’t get the points.

I really feel like starting over again.

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You promised.

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All to the answer.

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The answer is the thing.

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I don’t know & I care even less, which is nice.

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It’s very hard to tell because the criteria of what constitutes a GA is very subjective. But I have the feeling that it’s 50–50. If you’re fond of someone it’s very hard not to give them lurve just because and vice versa. I sometimes withhold lurve for people that I find annoying even if their answer was OK. A Great Answer for me is a combination of good content, good contribution to the topic, new angle to address the topic, well crafted, elaborated, the jelly is nice, respectful, objective, or FUNNY. If you make me laugh you have all my lurve and a guaranteed GA.

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I give it sometimes for the person.

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Mostly for the answer, maybe a bit for the person, especially in some cases. For instance, I feel like it’s a little Fluther present if I come across a reply by certain (constantly jokey or sarcastic) jellies that engage with the question instead of snarkily riffing on it, so I tend to give those a GA regardless of content. I also give a disproportionate amount of lurve to newbies, just because I want to encourage them. On questions I ask I often GA (most) every answer because I appreciate that people took the time out to post, and I suppose this amounts to favoritism in some ways.

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90% of the time I give lurve purely for the answer but now and again I think someone needs encouragement and so I will give lurve but I would never, in that instance, give lurve to an answer I did not agree with.

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Most of the time I give lurve when somebody already gave the answer I was going to give.

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Damn it, Janet.

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Since I don’t know anybody here personally, whether I develop a liking for them depends on several factors including: the kind of questions they ask, how they answer questions that also interest me, whether I agree with them or they with me, whether we can disagree without resorting to name-calling, whether their answers tend to be more-or-less consistent with what I expect and enjoy when I read their comments on any subject, whether we occasionally have back-channel communication, whether their comments are articulate and have good grammar (not because the lack of either of those things in themselves is a deterrent to my from liking a jelly—only because both help ensure clear communication, which is very important to me), and last but not least, how they respond to my questions and comments. It’s hard not to like someone who seems to like you by giving you lurve.

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I’m a generous type and don’t see why the answer cannot be both.
If I like someone and the way they consistently show up, as well as their answers, I give lurve based on both. I also ALWAYS give lurve to clever and humorous answers.
I like to see some real PERSONALITY squeeze out of those cracks of seriousness.

Major points for cleverness, humor and wit from me.

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