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Besides Cheetos, what other snack "foods" stain your fingers?

Asked by josie (27500points) January 28th, 2013

Not much else to think about before hitting the rack -already worked out, finished a book, girlfriend is out of town…

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I was going to say Oreos, but that’s more of a black dust that’s left on the fingers, not a stain.

Pomegranate will stain for sure.

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Pickled beets.

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Skittles (if you keep them in your hand too long).

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^ Same with hot tomalies (sp).

Cheese popcorn (I think Doritos are worst tho. They poo all over.)

LoL @ “hitting the rack” @josie

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I don’t care what the advertisements say-they lie!

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Blueberries and raspberries and Concord grapes if you eat them with your fingers.

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fresh blueberries and strawberries, cotton candy, barbecue ribs

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Does mustard count? It’s not really a “snack” food, but it really does stain your skin and junk foods are often dipped in yellow mustard. Kind of want a soft pretzel, now.

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Pistachio nuts with the red dye on them.

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Anything with tumeric in it.

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Beet chips.

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Black tea and coffee can stain your teeth and it doesn’t just brush away. It’s one reason I stopped drinking tea. I never was a coffee drinker

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The truth comes out: @Symbeline is a vampire.

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Monster Munch

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Beetroot, Cheese and bacon balls, Purple carrots.

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Cheetos don’t just stain your hands they stain other things too!

*If you want your “Daddy parts” to turn orange
just eat some Cheetos and watch some porn.”

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Grape juice or Big Red soda to wash down the Cheetos.

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I distinctly remember my little brother’s permanent Hawaiian Punch moustache.

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