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Has anyone else heard about liquid Tide becoming a form of drug currency?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 29th, 2013

Man this is truly F’d up don’t you think?

Do you personally know somebody who has either bought or sold drugs using Tide as currency?

I swear I’m not making this shit up!

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Ya. Knew that. Everyone uses Tide, so it has become drug currency.

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Hm, I had no idea.
I don’t think it’s “F’ed up.” It sounds absurd on the surface, but it makes sense. Because Tide has been so successful in selling the idea that you are a complete person if you can afford it, it has very strong brand loyalty and that’s what makes it usable as currency.
I didn’t know that Proctor & Gamble was the first company to develop surfactants. A ‘historian’ of Tide said that it when it first appeared, it was “cool, like an iPod.” That is pretty hilarious.

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Hard to fit in a wallet, though… or hard to get out of a wallet. Unless your wallet is machine washable, I guess.

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More than one guy with shopping cart of Tide.

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Easier to launder than other currencies, I guess.

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I just wanted to point out this is barter, and I guess people are stealing Tide because it is easier to steal than money, and people on the street corners will accept it in lieu of cash.

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I find this story really hard to believe, at least the part about the Tide just being used for washing clothes. Think about this, people are stealing pallets of Tide to trade for drugs. How long would it really take until a dealer has way more friggin detergent than they’ll ever need. There has to be some other use here that the cops aren’t aware of.

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@bookish1 and @thorninmud LMAO! I wish I could give you two more than one GA each because you certainly deserve it!

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