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Could you be happy if there were no stars?

Asked by Garebo (3173points) January 29th, 2013

If you looked up and saw none would you even care?

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Yes I would care. I look up every evening to the stars and moon, the sunsets and sunrises. Seeing the stars fills me with joy.

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We couldn’t even be here without the stars.

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Being as the Sun is a star, we wouldn’t care if there were no stars, because without our Sun we’d be Franzen to death in no time.

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I wouldn’t want to live in a world without Natalie Portman.

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What would I wish upon if there were no stars? : (

I love the night sky. I love star gazing. I would care.

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Depends on whether the stars were never there or whether they disappeared all of a sudden. There are actually a number of stories about stars either disappearing suddenly (I forget the author) or appearing suddenly (Asimov’s Nightfall). In any case, if the stars disappeared suddenly, we would all miss them.

If they had never been out there—say we couldn’t see in the spectrum that stars are visible in—then we’d not miss them. When we developed machinery that could see them, we’d all be quite amazed, as we constantly are, whenever we discover something new in the cosmos.

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I’d miss them. They greet me on my daily pre-dawn walk to the train.

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how about universes in black holes with black holes and more universes?
I was really ask’n cuz i always forget to look up! I now make it a point to now revere in the great beyond.

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Shit no. That’s why I don’t live in Seattle.

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I live in the city now, so I rarely get to see them.

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I’d miss them greatly, but if was born after they’d all disappeared, I don’t think it would make a great difference to me.. People could still study astronomy, but it wouldn’t be as interesting without being able to see the phenomena you’re studying about. Or perhaps we’d be able to pierce the darkness with new telescopic devices. Or would we all be dead because the sun went out?

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Well, I don’t think I would care much if I were blind.

But what if I were color blind?

Or deaf?

Or had my leg cut off?

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I would miss them. We have very little light pollution where we live and it’s one of the things I love most about our location. It’s perfect for stargazing.

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Seattle would suck, but you have wood peckers.

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You can’t miss what you have never had/seen. If there had never been any stars, no, but since I am a star gazing type, yes, it would be sad to see no stars anymore.
Of course, if the stars disappear we would be gone simultaneously as that would mean that giant, renegade black hole has swallowed us whole. lol

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@Garebo Actuallly, if there were no stars, black holes would suck. They would suck so powerfully that in due course, all planets, asteroids, dust clouds and matter of all kinds would fall into them. It is the gravitational wells of stars that prevent that fate.

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I can be happy without a great deal of things or people or experiences. I don’t think stars would be an exception.

However, if stars disappeared, what I would miss is the breath I feel when I really look at them up in the sky. Everything that seems to be spinning around in my life suddenly finds roots, and my chest feels open, and I smile to the enormous universe that I know I hardly comprehend.

If they were never there (for us to see—let’s make up a reason)... I’ve wondered how different everything would be. Because it would be. So much human culture relies on stars. Constellations hold the images, and so cultural memory, of old civilizations’ heroes. Stars are how we navigated before GPS. Stars are what we look up to with wonder and awe. And these are only the things that easily come to mind for me. It would be very different, to have nothing to see above us. I think it would change our perspective on life drastically.

Dung beetles use the stars to navigate, too. To keep themselves going straight with their cargo, and not in circles back to the dung heap the other beetles are. They’re not the only other creature—many use the stars—only I just heard about dung beetle’s ability today.

Without stars, would we have thought to stare up into the sky so much? Maybe, for the moon… but past that, it would just look empty.

I think our world would seem terribly alone in a lot of flat empty space, without the light from other ends of the universe, after having travelled thousands to billions of years, meet our retinas and tell us there’s more out there. At least, I feel terribly alone and empty when city lights drown out the stars. So I would care. I could still be happy, but I would care.

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