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What's the best phone (with answering machine) to buy?

Asked by lilakess (789points) July 3rd, 2007

I need a new one and it seems they only last a year. Most importantly, I need to be able to use a headset with the phone, and that feature seems to die the quickest. I'd love some advice.

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Are you talking a wall phone or a cell phone?

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i think the greatest headsets are made by plantronics. they have all kinds, they last forever, and have good fidelity. i have no clue about phones, though (i assume you're talking land phone). curious to reap the wisdom of the fluther.

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this is very difficult to answer because the situation is in constant flux. best thing to do is check reviews of current phones at a few tech review sites and draw a conclusion. but, in my experience, panasonic are probably the most quality consistent, although i've had to return a couple of models that were awful. in both cases i bought other panasonic models to replace them.

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the iPhone it fucking rocks!!wooo rock

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i would recamend a simple phone such as a hand held or flip phone, the phones they have now such as the “droid” is way to addvanced and touch screen phones can break really easly.

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