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What does it mean if a girl says "I'm a cool guy"?

Asked by Joenufun (5points) January 31st, 2013 from iPhone

So this girl I’ve been talking to wanted my number. I wasn’t the one who initiated that. She also said that I was “too cute” for another girl who likes me. What do you think she means? Is she friend zoning me hardcore, or does she really like me?

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It is could be anything…without knowing the circumstances around the conversation, it may mean she really likes you or she may be just yanking your chain.

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Who really knows at this point? Always be wary of friend zoning if you are under 18. Girls did that stuff all the time when I was that age.

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Welcome to Fluther.

She could just be mistaken. A cool guy would never ask “What does this mean?” He’d be too cool for that.

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A cool guy would never ask “What does this mean?” He’d be too cool for that

Now THAT is a good answer!

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She’s not friend zoning yet. Ask her out!

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She’s a self-confessed cool guy.

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You are so not in the friend zone with her.

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