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Change ip address on demand?

Asked by junglejim (11points) February 3rd, 2013

I need a utility to change my ip address at will for private browsing

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its called mask my ip. For a small fee you can choose your country. Otherwise it’s random

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Do you have the login credentials for your router?

If so, you can log into the router setup, and go to Advanced Setup / MAC CLONE. The MAC address is the identifier of your particular network card.

Change the MAC address – make something up. Some routers have a “Randomize” function.

Reboot cable modem and router

However, if you don’t have the ability to log into your router, you won’t be able to do this.

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Expat Shield. Available for download at CNET.

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You need a VPN service.

There are many. Google them. However, expect to pay.

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@junglejim yeah the free version is super slow. I only use it to return emails when I don’t want them to know where I am. The paid version is way faster. There’s lots of them, just hunt around.

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Definitely look into secure VPN solutions. You will have to pay for it though, but the piece of mind may be worth it and you can use it everywhere, even browsing wifi on your phone which is also unprotected and public.

But avoid any free options like the plague, there is a strong possibility that someone would be monitoring and sniffing your data.

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