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How can i get to sleep?

Asked by technicolorgirl (13points) June 10th, 2008

i can never get to sleep. and im not taking sleeping pills.

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Do you drink coffee or caffinated drinks/tea?
I find noon is the cut off for coffee or I am up all night.

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Why don’t you turn on Big Brother UK. That should have you knocked out in no time at all.

EDIT: Or you know what’s good as well, there’s these herbal tablets that you can get called Kalms. They’re not sleeping pills but they do the trick with me on the occasions I need a little help.

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I highly recommend you check this question asked not too long ago. It has some very helpful answers, I know, since I contributed :)

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And there are lots of good answers here also:

It is a problem for lots of us, sadly.

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No sleeping pills, huh? Well, you can drink about half a bottle of nyquill and be comatose in about 2 minutes. That is, if you can stomach the taste. Yuck! Gotta do what you gotta do though, I suppose.

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Gailcalled: Kind of explains why the “Do you Fluther in Bed” question was well received. Let’s all have a collective insomniac group hug.

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this may sound pretty stupid, but a thing that always works for me is…how to state this correctly…well, just self pleasurement, sure it’s no fail safe, but it always gets me tired…

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i have a burt hand my cats bloody trying to screw my other cat and im at the point where im crazy because iv had no sleep and just laugh hysterically

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You’ve got a burt hand? Get it checked out right away. Pray for amputation.

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burt… hahahahahah. i ment burnt…. burrrnt
sorryabout that folks

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ooh, i thought this kind of burt hand

(that’s burt ward)

did you try the hot milk with honey ? (don’t burn the other making it)

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no i have not ill try that!
if i can be bothered moving.
is there like any scented perfumes i can put on my pillow i used to put lavender on it when i was little but then i spilt the whole thing on the pillow and couldnt really breath

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Sometimes if you eat a high carb snack a few minutes before bed you can fall asleep on the sugar crash. Good ole milk and cookies. Not great for the waistline, but very comforting!

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i recommend taking slow deep breaths and counting them. i usually can’t get past 30. if you really need to zonk out a couple of chugs of nyquil does the trick. don’t be afraid to exceed the recommended dosage (within reason)

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i wonder if she’s already sleeping

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Although pills were not an option I could not travel and function without Ambien.

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Have you tried reading before bed? That always knocks me out.
I totally understand not wanting to take sleeping pills – I’d be afraid they’d stop working or I’d get addicted.

Also, I’ll second what iriemuffin said, you should probably stop drinking caffiene if you’re having trouble sleeping. And if that’s too hard, don’t drink any caffiene after 5 or 6pm.

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it worked!
i had hot milk and watched big brother and did the breathing thing.

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Well done girl. Now you have to do it all over again tonight. Careful with the finger this time around though yeah.

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great! we did it!

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A cup of organic chamomile tea before bed time, plus one Advil and one Tylenol PM. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. . .heavenly. Plus if you like, a warm bath about an hour before bedtime. . .drink the tea in the bath with some lavender essential oil (organic).

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Lay in bed and try to keep your eyes open for as long as you can. Your eyes will tire and you will be in dreamland faster than you think

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Visualize walking along a very pleasant path, including all the sights, and various sensory experiences to enrich your sense of being in there. Visualization brings you one step closer to dreaming, and the pleasant surroundings are soothing. With practice, the path may be experienced as your own unique path to sleep. This is also very helpful in interrupting brain-stimulating thought loops (

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