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Thoughts before you were born and thoughts after you die?

Asked by Elm1969 (500points) February 5th, 2013

Did you have thoughts before you were born? What were your thoughts in 1900 for example? (I am presuming you are not 113 years of age BTW.) No doubt you are thinking at this moment, as you are reading this. However, what will you be thinking in 2113? Will you have thoughts? (I am presuming you will be deceased by 2113)

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I’m thinking 1313 is a weird date to put for the future!

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1313 is 100 years from now thats all. As 1900 is 113 years ago.

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Since noone knows the state of existence outside of corporeal life, who knows?

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No. Before I was born, I had no brain to think with, and in fact I didn’t have the real ability to think in the human sense till after I was born.
Assuming you meant 3113,in 3113, I will be long gone, my brain will be reduced to elements and I will have no thoughts.
I understand this is one of those strange Zen like questions (like if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there, does it make a sound etc.) but seriously…

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Correction made

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@Elm1969 Math isn’t your strong point. It’s okay. I have an appointment to see someone that’s 101 in a few weeks and still lives on her own. She amazes me.

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@josie That is my train of thought. But why does one worry so much about what happens after death?

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Wasn’t 1313 like a really long time ago?
How can it be in the future and stuff?

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This just doesn’t add up.

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@Elm1969 Because they are too intellectually and morally chicken shit to be honest and admit that they are mortal

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I’m sorry huge typo in the question. I’m sure that I was supposed to put 2113 and not 1313. My apologies

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@Elm1969 Don’t sweat it. We all make typos. You would not believe some of my screwups. Just laugh about it and don’t worry.

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Only thing I remeber is: “How the heck do I get those other spermazoids to swim in a different direction?”

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Purple in the frizzer.

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No. We come out of nowhere and return to nowhere. No thoughts in non existence.. lol

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@marinelife . . . i do and i ain’t tellin’

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I’m so confused. How can one have thoughts before they even exist?

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My birthday was 1313 this year.

I don’t have any past life experiences or thoughts if that is what you mean. I think when I die I am dead, no more thoughts. But, it is interesting to ponder that possibly we continue.

If you haven’t read Many Lives Many Masters I think you will like it. It’s about a psychiatrist (or maybe he is a psychologist I don’t remember for sure) who used hypnotherapy with his patoents, and then started to realize some of his patients were remembering past lives. He was not a believer in that sort of thing before, but now is a big believer.he helps patients cure phobias and anxieties woth thos sort of hypnotherapy.

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“Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives:” by Dr. Brian L. Weiss

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I have no memory of any thoughts before I was born. Hell, I have no memory of any thoughts before I was 4.

Judging by the lack of communication from dead people, I’m hypothesizing that I will not have any thoughts after I die. If I do have any thoughts, I’m hypothesizing I will not be able to communicate them to anyone. I’m really hoping that death is the end, because if it isn’t, it will surely be a very miserable hellish existence. I think anyone who imagines that living without a body will be fun is probably a fool of the dullest sort. No one living would call life without a body a life. It might be existence, but it wouldn’t be life.

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Yeah, I remember back in 1900. Pretty tough times, boy I’ll tell you what. But I’ve seen worse.

As for the future, this is what I suggest.

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This is like splicing Back to the Future with The Time Machine…“Marty, watch out for those fucking morlocks!!”
I’m now quite confused & my elbows itch, a sure sign i’m about to quit typi…

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