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Can someone recommend a high quality laminator for use by home business?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12551points) February 5th, 2013

I am attempting research to find a high quality laminator for a home business. Part of the business is making laminated cards so somewhat high volume usage. Not commercial usage. If anyone has personal experience with a good laminator (or a bad one) i’d appreciate feedback. Doing online research into quality products is getting more and more difficult with people paying to have their product sites at the top of the search engine lists making quality reviews difficult to find. I’m also having a difficult time finding out what the capacity in terms of quantity of laminating for each machine.

Thank You Sincerely.

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Coda Cold Mount. In business for decades with a solution for every type of mounting. Very robust machines.

I dealing with ink jet, you want cold mount. Heat mount is troublesome for many ink jet substrates. If dealing with laser printing, then heat or cold mount will work.

Heat mounting costs much much more for the equipment, and more expensive to run. But the materials are fairly cheaper.

Cold mount machines are much cheaper, less expensive to run/maintain, but the materials are more expensive.

I’ve been in the printing business for over thirty years. The Coda’s are pricey. But you asked for high quality. They make the best.

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