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Why do you like smoothies?

Asked by JLeslie (54494points) February 6th, 2013

Just wondering if people like them because they are like dessert? Like ice cream? A couple people I know just mentioned wanting to start making smoothies. Personally, I would rather eat my food than drink it.

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I like them as a dessert or a pick-me-up because when prepared with real fruit and no sugar, they can taste as good as a milkshake or other fatty drink/dessert yet be a whole lot healthier.

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They are more youthful. Oh, wait…... I think I need to reread the question.

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I have one for breakfast most mornings. I get a nice full serving of fruit for breakfast in a yummy travel convenient form. The one I made this morning I used 1 banana, 2 kiwis, a handful of strawberries, handful of black berries, and a handful of pomegranate seeds mmmmm

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@uberbatman Do you think you eat more having the smoothie then if you just at the fruit whole?

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I like smoothies because I ran an Orange Julius to pay for some of my way through college.

Now, what some of you may not know, is that the first step in making a smoothie is to boil a large bag of sugar in tank with with water to make a simple syrup.

If you have never seen a bunch of college age women drip simple syrup off a spatula into their mouths while you all drink cheap beer and take too long to wash the backroom, then I guess you will never appreciate smoothies as much as I.

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@JLeslie Yea. Its a lot easier to eat all that fruit in the form of one drink rather than sit there and eat them individually. Its also as I said, a whole of a hell lot more convenient for me with going to class. I usually don’t have time in the morning to make a proper breakfast(sleep till the last possible minute) so by blending up a bunch of fruit I can bring it with me to class and drink my breakfast there.

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I always would rather bite my fruit too.

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@Judi No reason ya can’t do both. I still eat a lot of fruit whole but there are just so many awesome combinations of fruits and flavors you can make in smoothies. I miss all the smoothies I used to get in Belize with the super fresh tropical fruits mmmmm

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@uberbatman, I can’t afford the calories in blending my fruit. I have to choose. I could eat my daily maintenance calories in fruit alone.

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@Judi Fair enough. Still young enough to not be counting calories :)

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@uberbatman I wasn’t making a judgement, just curious about how and why people like them.

I am not a sweet in the morning person. I don’t crave fruit or waffles in the morning. I like omelettes and english muffins. I can see why people choose a fruit smoothy over ice cream for a more healthy choice, but I almost never eat ice cream either.

Once in a while I buy one of those Naked juices. I almost never drink it in one sitting though.

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@JLeslie I didn’t think you were :)
I don’t have any bounds which foods are appropriate for what times. I’m kinda weird like that I guess. I mean I can wake up and eat “dinner food” first thing in the morning or whatever else I get my hands on :P. Though I prefer to try and be healthier so lately I’ve been doing the smoothie and a cup of tea in the morning.

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@uberbatman I can eat dinner food in the morning also. I simply meant I don’t crave sweet in the morning. If I were going to eat fruit it would be midday or later most likely,

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Let me count the ways. 1. They are creamy. 2. They are sweet. 3.They taste good. 4. They are fruity. 5. They are cold. 6. They are refreshing. 7. They are a treat I can’t duplicate. 8. They are nourishing. 9. They are a pretty color. 10. They aren’t too expensive for a now and then pleasure. 11. They make you feel virtuous because aren’t chocolate. 12. Two people can share one with 2 straws. 13. You can do blind tastings with them. 14. You can almost always find parking place nearby.
What did I forget?

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No, but I like milkshakes. :)

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I love them for breakfast because they’re fast, super easy and my blender has the ‘go’ cup attachment.

You can add banana, berries, flax seed and anything else much quicker than trying to make a home-cooked meal.

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Ever since I’ve been weaned, I’ve preferred to chew my caloric intake…
I kind of bear a grudge against the smoothie craze. Just because every time I’ve tried to drink one, I mess up my carbohydrate estimate and either go super high or super low.

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I used to drink a mango banana smoothie made with vanilla Greek yogurt with some oats and a splash of OJ thrown in. It tasted delicious and had plenty of fruit, protein, and fiber to keep me full until lunch. I stopped because, while it’s easier to take and eat on the way to work, preparing it in the morning was a pain in my ass.

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@livelaughlove21 I usually prep everything the night before so all I have to do in the morning is put it on the blender.

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If you just use milk or orange juice, a half cup of berries of your choice, maybe half or a whole banana and your oats/ flax seed, you can line them up on the counter in small tupperwares and it’s really quick and easy.
My husband & niece adore them, too, and you can always add a little Vodka on the weekends or evenings- lol

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But then you have to clean the blender or juicer right? Just another reason I probably won’t do it.

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No, mine has the ‘go cup’ attachment that affixed right on to the blender, so just drink and go, then rinse out sometime that morning, throw it in my book bag and go on. My blender wasn’t expensive either.

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But, you have to clean whatever blended it don’t you? The blade.

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It rinses right off in hot water unless you let it sit. Sometimes I just drop it in a coffee cup full of water then clean it later.

I am the queen of quick mornings, less than one hour to do hair, dress, make-up, create lunch and do my smoothie- lol, God help the person who interrupts though.

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@JLeslie I have one of these so the only thing you have to clean in the morning is the little blender bit which takes two seconds to rinse off and ya just take the cup with you.

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Thanks for the link.

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I just realized that I misread the question as “DO you like smoothies?”

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