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Has anyone ever actually flung poo into a fan to see what happens?

Asked by rojo (21877points) February 8th, 2013

Inspired by an earlier post. That and boredom at work.

If you did it with you between the fan and a blank wall would it outline you on the wall?

Would you do it with the fan horizontal and actually throw it or do it with the fan vertical and make a direct drop?

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Stand back, I’m going to try SCIENCE!

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Try it with a Shih Tzu, the effects really are quite startling.

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Haha…..and the award for creative Q. of the day goes to @rojo !
I’d go for maximum splatter power, the fan at about a 45 degree angle when the shit hits it.
Of course the density of the shit would determine it’s splatter pattern.
I think a medium soft shit such as cat or dog poo would be the best consistency, goose poo is too liquid and horse shit is too dry, bunny and goat poo is pelleted so only a small percentage would actually be ground up through the fan blades.

Gotta go with medium textured carnivore shit IMO.

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@Coloma I say we throw the lot in a bucket and see what happens.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Agreed, a melting pot of diverse shit sources, now we’re talkin’bio warfare at it’s finest. lol

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@thorninmud This is why I fluther! You learn such wonderful things!

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Yes, like how to boil water. lol

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@thorninmud = that was moving…

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Never tried the fan. I did learn the hard way that when you’re spreading a load of dry dusty chicken manure it’s a good idea to check out the wind direction first.

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YES!! Mythbusters did it.
To begin, Adam and Jamie decided to create imitation poop that would be more hygienic and pleasant to work with. Jamie came up with a formula that had the similar physical properties (density, compressibility, and stickiness) to real dog poop. Adam built a slingshot to throw the poop at the fan at roughly 30 mph.

The first tests used a 12-inch fan with plastic blades. Without any impressive results, they quickly upgraded to a 20-inch fan with metal blades and formulated the imitation poop to be softer. Still not achieving 360° splatter, they upgraded to a 30-inch fan with a ¼ horsepower motor, which created enough splatter to call this idiom plausible. As a finale, Adam and Jamie used a very large box fan and all of their leftover fake poop to create a giant mess.

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And I thought I would go through life never hearing the phrase “imitation poop”.

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@Adirondackwannabe proving there is a market for everything

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@blueiiznh Have you ever worked in advertising?

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No, but I’ve accidentally dripped a big splash of paint onto a blowing fan, and it pretty much went all over me. I looked like a Jackson Pollack painting.

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