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Can I make a bluetooth printer using a USB gender changer and geting a cheap dongle?

Asked by XCNuse (1192points) June 10th, 2008

I have an hp psc 1210, and I’m wondering if anyone has done anything like this.

I want to get something like this:–41.html

and buy some cheap USB bluetooth dongle (like a $10 model), and plug it into the gender changer.

Anyone have experience with this working/not working or any advice?

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Seems like it would work in theory but then again communism works in theory… The main problem you would have is your PC not seeing the printer on the signal.

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i’ve read more, and i read that the cheaper usb bluetooth dongles don’t work because they require… well, here’s the quote:
“The dongles designed to work with a PC are not going to help with a printer. These dongles require a driver on the PC that knows how to talk to the dongle – that specific brand of dongle, to boot. A printer that wasn’t designed to work with bluetooth obviously isn’t going to have the required driver. Further, there’s that master/slave USB thing. A PC is a master. A printer is a slave. A bluetooth PC adapter is a slave. A slave can’t talk to a slave… ”

another alternative is a wifi printer adapter, but the cheapest one is still beyond what i want to pay.

I just think it would be nice to have something or a few things that don’t have to plug in, i’m already using 4 usb plugs on my laptop as it is, and it’s just a pain when in a hurry to unplug everything and let the computer adjust itself realizing… i just took everything off,

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I like this question, if only for the cheap gender-changing dongle.

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what operating system are you using? im assuming vista or xp

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You guessed it; Vista.

So has nobody tried this?

See the problem is is there are tons of dongles but for the larger business type, heck I don’t even know what kind of port they are called anymore; one of these:

Common engineers, we live in a world where everything is powered by a plethora of USB connectors, this shouldn’t be to hard to figure out.

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That isn’t going to work. Those bluetooth dongles don’t translate blutetooth-to-USB, they only communicate with a machine that has drivers that allow the machine to speak the dongle’s language. Your printer doesn’t have those drivers.

What you need is a device that is able to communicate via bluetooth, but then interact with the printer just as a full-fledged computer would, through the printer’s input port. I say input port because there are devices that do this, and some of them connect to the printer’s parallel port, rather than its USB port.

Google “bluetooth printer adapter” to find products that do this.

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the thing is is that this is a laptop, so it doesn’t have a parallel port, and my printer is an “all in one” printer, scanner, coppier, so its only input is USB A.

I’ve started to come to the realization that this won’t happen lol, I guess i’ll have to wait until this printer dies to get a newer printer that can use a bluetooth dongle.

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RE a new printer… you’ll need a printer that has Bluetooth built-in or available as an add-on – as the other replies have iterated, a dongle won’t work (even on a newer printer).

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This product will probably do what you want. You plug the USB bluetooth adapter into your computer, then you plug the other device into your printer.

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yea i came across that one, seemed to be the most interesting.

The one thing that confuses me though is that every bluetooth for printer adapter is USB B, but doesn’t make sense to me because.. well, my mother has a canon pixma printer which is bluetooth “capable” yet their bluetooth usb stick is just a USB B device…
i don’t know…
and everywhere else i looked there was nowhere for it to go, there isn’t a single USB B socket at all on that printer, yet somehow it’s supposed to plug into the only USB socket on it, which is USB A

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