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Is it ok to think that your relationship with someone is " too good to be true" or is it only jinxing the relationship?

Asked by Curiosity17 (8points) June 10th, 2008 from iPhone

iv been with this guy for about 3 months and everything is as perfect as can b expected….but is it ok for me to think sumthings gonna go terribly wrong or am I giving it way too much thought?

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It might continue to be wonderful. And let’s hope so. But the very phrase, “too good to be true” is now so weighted for me that I might be a tad cautious.

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i tend to think like that. “waittttt this is way too perfect. HE is too perfect. obviously there is something terribly wrong with him. or this is just the calm before the storm! worry worry worry”. so i know its easier said than done, but try to live in the moment and not worry too much about what might happen, because if its meant to, it will happen anyway. so there’s no point wasting your energy contemplating about the various things that could happen to “prepare” yourself. be happy with him, enjoy it and let things take their course!

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u kno what?, u guys r very right n I think it took to actually know sum1 felt the same for me to realize that if it’s meant to b its gonna happen. I’m just am instant gratification kinds girl….smh I really should just enjoy the moment….

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Enjoy it while it lasts! They fizzle quick enough, don’t kill it before it kills itself! ;)

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Enjoy every second of it! I used to have that same worry about jinxes with relationship (based on previous experiences), but it is just superstition. It will take effort and commitment from both of you to make the relationship work, and that does not happen by chance, so as long as you’re both in it wholeheartedly, you’ll be great! :)

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If you think it’s too good to be true, it will be. It is easy to find anyone’s flaws
if you look for them.

I’d suggest you use your desire for instant gratification by catching yourself fearing that it is too good to be true, and then feeling in your heart your gratitude. Gratitude for him, for your relationship, yourself, your life, everything! No one can take that away from you.

Relationships seem to come and go, but gratitude is yours to keep – regardless of what happens.

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Oh, one more thing, if I could…

Have you thought about the purpose of the relationship? Why you and he are in it? When things are amazing, it’s a great time to talk about that. That way when times get challenging, you’ll have some solid ground to stand on – what you’re in the relationship for.

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Jinxing doesn’t exist.

It’s about as real as the Easter Bunny. The relationship will work or it won’t. Your realization of either doesn’t magically bring in a 3rd party to intervene in it’s course.

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the only kind of jinxing that could happen is you, possibly without realizing it trying to test him and get at him thus sabotaging your own relationship to see just how perfect he is. Just enjoy the relationship.

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3 months? The first three-six months were bliss for me and my boyfriend. Three and a half years later it’s still wonderful. But the beginning of a relationship is great because of those butterflies and just getting to know that person. I always tell my friends, if there is fighting and turmoil in the beginning of a relationship then thats not a good sign. So enjoy the goodness in your relationship and only time will tell!!

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It’s pretty much always too good to be true! It’s wonderful in the beginning and then reality sets in. Then you learn to live with them, accept them and love the other person for all the wonderful things about them AND all their faults. If not…it’s over. Enjoy the moment!

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Your giving it to much thought. If your waiting for something bad to happen then it will. So stop worrying about it and enjoy your time together.

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There’s no Easter Bunny either? You and Shilolo are ruining my Fluther experience!

(JUST KIDDING.. don’t load your automatic weapon on me!)

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