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HP Installer help?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 25th, 2008

I installed the Hp Driver because it wasn’t pre-installed on my Mac. It was an old printer so I went through the setup wizard and it wouldn’t come up. Because it is wirelessly shared on my network. So it says since it can’t be shown it will not work. Help… Anyone… (HP PSC 1610)

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Gasp! I just installed that exact same printer. But on a PC, so I can’t help. I just wanted to comment because… seriously, that exact printer.

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Try this first: Open Printing If that doesn’t work, we’ll try something else.

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Wow what a coincidence Empress. Huhh and it is a somewhat old printer. What are the odds,

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It was new when I got it. I was tired of having to treck halfway across the world to get to a scanner at work (seriously, down to the first floor, over to another set of elevators, up, and MAYBE someone would have time to help me) so I brought mine in. And promptly forgot to bring the software as well. Sigh.

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sigh… I agree. Anyway. Open Printing didn’t work. So I think that if I connect the printer with the USB. Then run the setup wizard it will work. OR I could always connect my Airport Express to it… but I don’t know where that is…. Sigh

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Do you know how to access your cups server? Oh and is it shared from an XP machine?

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yes it is… It is just the driver is not installed and I can’t install it unless I plug it into my machine.

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Ah… Well… I still haven’t gotten my MBP to be able to successfully talk to my XP shared printer. I’ve gotten it able to see it. I’ve even gotten it to pretend that it’ll print. But I have not gotten it to actually print yet. Here are some of the sites that helped:
also, check out your cups server and see if adding it through there works.
The first link references on how to go about doing it. Let me know if you get it to work. Personally I think I’m gonna go ahead and hook the printer to my server and share it out through there. At least there I know it’ll be speaking the same language.

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