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Seizures while sleeping?

Asked by JasonH (107points) June 10th, 2008

so i woke up this mourning and my toung was sore and there is a teeth bite on the top and bottem, hurts really bad. bit it i suppose while sleeping last night, my teeth were pink my mouth was full of blood and my throt. is it possible a seizures? or what? kinda Weard. :(

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You’d be far more well advised to go see a doctor on that one my friend. We would only be making stabs in the dark about it to be honest. Without actually being able to see it and such even the most impressive flutherer couldn’t make a valid diagnosis as to what’s happening and why.

In the meantime I found this on medhelp.

Blood in the mouth is either coming from the oropharynx (mouth cavity) itself, the GI system (i.e. esophagus and upper GI tract), or the lungs. As you can imagine the list of causes is quite broad.

There can be several directions you can take. If a GI causes is suspected, a GI evaluation can be considered, with an upper endoscopy as the next step.

If there is a lung cause suspected, a pulmonologist can be consulted for lung imaging and possible bronchoscopy.

Another potential cause would be the sinues and ear/nose/throat system. If this is suspected an otolaryngology consult (i.e. ENT physician) can be suggested.

Your primary care provider should be involved and make the decision as to which direction to proceed.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

Could also of course just be you’re biting your lip or the inside of your mouth while sleeping.

Good luck though, hope it works out.

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Jason, While it is possible to have sleep seizures, they aren’t too common. More likely is that you simply bit your tongue during sleep. Since the tongue is very vascular, and bleeds like stink, that would explain the blood in your mouth. Now, you could argue that you bit your tongue due to a seizure, but this is impossible to know. If this recurs, or someone sleeping with you (at some point) notices these episodes, then you might truly have sleep seizures. You certainly should mention your concerns as soon as is feasible to your doctor, who can take a more detailed history and do a physical exam. He or she may then recommend additional tests (or not), including blood tests, an EEG and/or video EEG monitoring.

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