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What are your hopes and aspirations?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 11th, 2013

My hopes: for world peace, for a greater sense of community among the nations of the world, for more acceptance and equality of people in the LGBT community, and for the survival of more endangered wild species.

My aspirations: to publish a book, to travel the world, to get married, to start a family, and to be completely and utterly happy.

What are yours ?

Thank you so much for your quick reply.

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…to be elected Pope. Pachyderm_in_the_Room I.

Has a nice ring, no?

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I am hopeful that the world will become a better place for humans. I aspire to being fully involved in a web of loving relationships. I want to be connected and I want to help people as best I can. Sometimes I think appreciation would be nice, but I know better than to look for that. I give what I can and what I think is right, not necessarily what others think I should give.

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To find some meaning in my life now that my family is grown and dispersed.

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to outlive my old boss so I can piss on his grave

Sorry, I forgot there will be a long line.

I hope to live long enough to enjoy retirement, and I hope to outlive my wife, because I would hate for her not to have someone to protect her from people trying to take advantage.

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To reach a point where I spend my days for the most part feeling good about myself rather than beating myself up for something. I think everything else I hope for and aspire to be will come from this.

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