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If you wrote a Faulkneresque story, what elements would you incorporate?

Asked by Carly (4555points) February 11th, 2013

I have to write a “faulkneresque” short story. Most of the stories I’ve read by him are confusing. I’ve really enjoyed discussing his work in my class, but his style seems really hard to replicate – or at least replicate in the “correct” way..

How would you go about this?

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Google “William Faulker Parody contests.”

Here’s one year’s winner. “As I Lay Kvetching”

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Heat and humidity

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I think, if I put in the work to do it right, I’d write as if everyone knew exactly what I was talking about…but slowly reveal details (with that same you-already-knew-this-right? attitude) that gradually expose the unexpected and twisted axis of the story.

A la Red Leaves or Turnabout.

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Use setences that go on for pages.

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@gailcalled Or seitinces if you are doing a vegan Faulkner?

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Stream of consciousness. And make it sizzle.

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In the first Faulkner I tried to read, the first sentence was 3 pages long. I had to learn how to read him. One of the common things he does is to reveal something particularly startling at the end. Things kind of ramble along in the plot and wham you realize what he is saying. (short story A Rose for Miss Emily)

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@janbb: Dan it! Too much multitaking and not enough midfulness.

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All of them.

i would get all faulkner up in that shit

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