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Are there any organizations that women can join?

Asked by emeraldisles (1949points) February 12th, 2013

I’ve asked a similar question. However, people always mention the military for career/ education train ing etc. Well, does anyone know of any organizations for people not interested in taking up arms, or for people who are not into the whole violence thing. Are there any orgainzations one can join or become part of that would cover tuition or provide some sort of training?

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Have you looked into the Peace Corps

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Can you still do Americorps? Not sure on the spelling.

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I expect that you could enter the military as a Conscientious Objector (that didn’t die out with Vietnam, did it?) and get training and posting as a medical orderly.

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If you go into a religious order they often take care of your schooling to get a degree. But there aren’t any organizations that men can join either, except the priesthood.

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There are work-study programs, but they don’t cover your full need.

If you are in human resources, there is the world at work program.

There are programs for jazz, dance, and social work.

You really have to do the research yourself. There are all kinds of scholarship opportunities related to work in various fields.

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Well thanks for the insight. I’ve looked into the Peace Corps and Ameri Corps and I don’t qualify. However, some of the other suggestions come in handy. We are extremely poor and it gets worse. The point is I cannot take out any loans, because its too much stress for us/me and if there’s any way of getting grant money etc. I’m interested in it.

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