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What is a terrorist fist jab?

Asked by hollym (304points) June 11th, 2008

Have you seen this video? Are they serious?

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I love how fox news continues to impress me with their coverage of things related to enemies of George Bush.

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fox news, i can’t watch that stuff too long, so depressing how people can be so…well, just plain old stupid

but let me get this straight, obama did something like a jab in the air? yeah, he must be a terrorist right ?

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even worse than a jab in the air….he and his wife punched each other’s fists.

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yeah, that’s the terrorist fist jab for sure !

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Honestly, even if you were “out of the loop” to the extent that you didn’t know the new, “cool” way to high five, why on earth would you assume it had anything to do with terrorism?!

Ahh.. fox news. Love it!

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Freakin idiots.

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How clueless and stupid is Fox News. I’ve seen this done so many times everywhere. I don’t get the whole terrorist fist jab naming at all. Must have been a really slow news day.

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Gee, reminds of the whole (non)issue of the flag lapel pin.

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It is a bunch of Nonsense is what it is!!!

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