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What should I do with my hair?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) February 14th, 2013

My hair is always a big mess, like it is in this photo, and I want it to look better, but have no idea how or what to do.

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Dreadlocks. Be sure to actually wash your hair. Lots of people forget about this.

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@bookish1 I don’t like dreads. They just aren’t me, you know? Even if I wanted them, I wouldn’t dare tell my parents about it. They’d look at me like I’m crazy!

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Maybe you could try to layer your hair, and straighten it. I always straighten my hair and put little clips or flowers to hold one side back. It is amazing with the tiniest accessories can do. Or you could add side bangs.

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I like your hair.

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I was expecting something almost bizarre before clicking there. I see normalish. I like to look at hair magazines in stylist shops when I was in the market for a different look because a picture is worth about 50 or 60 words.

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I think your hair looks fine. You might enjoy looking for a place that inserts your picture into different hair styles before doing anything drastic.

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Learn to accept it.

Your hair looks fine. You have a great smile. Your face has a very open aspect. The only thing wrong is… your poor opinion of your appearance. No matter how much you change appearances, that’s going to be a tough fix. Good luck with that.

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Some side bangs some layers. You have beautiful hair but I bet it would look great short.

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You have nice hair! It looks pretty thick, like mine. When I get my hair cut, I ask for long layers (usually a razor cut) and some thinning, and that helps keep it from being so ‘puffy’ at the bottom. Some bangs might look nice on you, if you like them.

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@rosehips My hair is already pretty short, actually. I guess you couldn’t see it well in the photo I took?

@augustlan I apparently get a cowlick if I have bangs, according to my mom. But I do that side bangs thing a lot and it looks cool I guess.

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This is easy, but expensive: go to a very hip salon and spend $80.They will spend time figuring it out with you, because they’re being paid to. We can’t really see or feel your hair, they can. It’s good hair, healthy, and it has some length to work with, but it’s essentially not styled. Your face is lovely and interesting. I too thought of bangs but they shouldn’t cover your cool, cool eyebrows. I too like the idea of long layers, but not long enough to hang all over your clothing in back. But don’t trust me. Trust the trained professional.

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If I had hair like yours, all full and shiny and smooth, I’d be so pleased with it that I would probably let it do anything it wanted.

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Actually, what I noticed in the photo was your smile. It made me happy. Your hair was secondary. I would cut it to accent your face and bring more focus to that wonderful smile of yours.

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Just get a neat hair trim, it is just fine and you are one cute little lady!

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@ZEPHYRA and @rojo Thanks for that. My cheeks were a bit sore because I had to smile so much. The picture wouldn’t seem to come out right, so I had to retake…

So thanks for the tips and stuff you guys, I really appreciate it!

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From what I can see from the photo you provided, you’re hair isn’t exactly “a big mess.” No one, at least no woman, at least not very many of us, are happy with our hair.

I think you maybe need to find a hairdresser who can give you a cut that will add body to your hair. I found one. My hair is very thin and fine and just hangs there. It used to be that unless I got a perm or pumped my hair up with massive amounts of gel and hairspray it didn’t do anything and I got tired of all that pretty quickly.

With the perms, there was a couple of weeks of “poodle hair,” then it would settle down and I would have about three weeks of great hair and then it all started to go south.

I found a great cut; my hairdresser basically cut a “shelf” into the hair at the bottom, it’s hard to explain, but that little “shelf” held the rest of my hair “up” and made it look like I had hair.

I think you just need to find the right cut, unless you want to spend a lot of your day making your hair big. I didn’t want to do that.

Otherwise, if the fact that your hair is not “big” enough, in your opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s a nice color, it’s a nice length and it frames your face nicely.

But you don’t seem to like your hair, and if you don’t, I guess you’ll want to do something about it. You have to like your hair, if nothing else, IMHO. Good hair will get you through a lot of bad days. :-)

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Naturally curly thick hair like yours is exactly what I have. I tame it down with a nice leave-in conditioner, and I use a straight-iron or curlers for a more polished look, otherwise mine gets out of control.

Also, at the salon, I ask for long layers (my hair is past my shoulders though) and I do long bangs for styling purposes, and razor cut to frame my face.

You really do have a lovely smile and the color of your hair is beautiful. :)

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Highlights are fun and I bet some medium/light brown ones would look great in your hair, but it’s a stupidly expensive thing to do at a salon, and difficult to get right at home – but if you don’t mind messing around with product, I’d go with that.

I’d recommend against dreads for you. Your hair reminds me of mine, and while I was able to lock up my hair just fine and get a cool look for a few years, white-people hair that isn’t extremely natty in its natural state will not continue to grow into the locks, and there’s no way to backcomb roots – so you start getting dreads with regular hair at the roots, and have to pick them all out or shave after a couple years, depending on how fast your hair grows.

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Your hair is lovely, and so are you.

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As a matter of personal opinion, I wouldn’t suggest coloring your hair at all. The color you have is great. Home-done coloring jobs typically look like what they are. Often highlights look nice at very close range, but get a little distance away and they either look gray or look like you’re hiding gray. You have nothing to hide.

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I agree with @Jeruba. I had an acquintance who fried her hair doing this and no one bothered to tell her it made her look way old and awful. She spent a ton of money on it and was so proud of it. She finally found out when she got pregnant.

Lowlights on the other hand look good. But I don’t think they are necessary. I see you hair is short of course as you can see from my picture my view of short can be extreme. I am not suggesting that short at all you do have lucious hair.

A bob might be really cool but it might make you look a bit older. I suggest googling short haircut images and finding a few that fit your personality and bring them to a stylist and working with her to make it the best reality. Sometimes face shape or hair type can change the feasibillity of a hairstyle.

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You look fine to me

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