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I need decoration ideas for a small bathroom with a very high ceiling.

Asked by Pandora (27130points) February 16th, 2013

I usually don’t have problems with bathroom decorations but my new home has a very high ceiling in the bathroom and I have no idea on how to decorate it without making a cleaning nightmare for myself later.

I thought of a focus wall but I’m afraid it will make the room look smaller. It has one huge blank wall with nothing on it but a towel rod.

It has no window, just a skylight above the tub.
On the right as you enter there is a double sink and large mirror and then the toilet. On the left there is the linen closet and then tub. So as you enter you face this tall blank wall.
My colors are orange, and blue-grey and white on the shower curtain. The walls are tan and the counter top is ivory. I plan to color the cabinets a pale yellow. Just don’t know what to do with the rest.
I would appreciate any picture ideas you can send my way.

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This looks nice.

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How about putting a wallpaper border up on the walls about ⅔ of the way up to visually lessen the height?

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Paint the ceiling a darker shade of tan or maybe in the grey blue family so it brings the ceiling down a little.

I would put a picture on the blank wall which will bring the persons eye to the height of the picture frame.

You could also do crown molding at the height of the lowest wall all the way around at the same height, assuming the walls are various heights. Or, do a design with molding on the wall that keeps people looking at eye level rather than higher.

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Some years ago, an interior designer told me the secret to decorating a room with a very high ceiling—limit the decor to the normal proportions for a room of that size. Think horizontal, not vertical; emphasize eye level instead of anything up above. The goal is to bring balance to unusual dimensions.

People are inclined to paint or wallpaper all the way up to the ceiling, or to hang artwork up and down a very long wall. Doing so only reinforces the room’s unusual proportions and gives it a claustrophobic, closed-in feeling.

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@zensky lol talk about claustrophobic!

I am an interior decorator ;)

A few tips for you

Use nuetral colors.
To make the walls look like they are receding use cool colors.
Dont use a lot of print, be simple. If you want to use detail use only a little. Less is more and makes the space look bigger.
I hate them, and usually only suggest them under my breath lol but mirrors on an empty wall always make a space look bigger. It’s a personal thing.

If you did all that you probably would’nt even notice the height of the ceiling.

If you want the ceiling to look lower you could paint the ceiling the warm orange color. Thats just a suggestion not sure if you are that open to it.

Hope that helps a bit. :)

Good luck and have fun!

P.S. About any artwork you might want to hang, hang them lower, that gives the sense of less height..its a trickery of the eye ;)

Oh and just one more thing, I dont know what the room really looks like but I’m kind of worried about the focal wall. Sometimes if you get that wrong it can make a room look like a tunnel…just so you know.

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Slightly off topic, your color scheme sounds really busy

“My colors are orange, and blue-grey and white on the shower curtain. The walls are tan and the counter top is ivory. I plan to color the cabinets a pale yellow.”

MIght they be distracting if you then add art work? Personally, I like my bathroom to calm me.

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In theory, I agree with everything @SadieMartinPaul said. I have a tiny bathroom with very high ceilings – I kept it simple. Whitewashed walls, white tile; I left the colour to the accents (shower curtain, towels). However, there is a moulding running around the room at about my height, and rather than hang anything on with the walls, I stood a few small laminations of 1920s fashion covers on the moulding. I like the effect.

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Just curious, how high is the ceiling and what are the demensions of the bathroom wall to wall?

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I like the idea of an orange ceiling.

I’ve painted my ceilings a medium pebble grey. It gives an illusion on metallic or shiny reflective finish without being glaring in well lit conditions. In the dark it is subtle and adds depth.

But the orange I like for the bathroom because lighter colors in the bathroom, the ceiling window radiating light expanding and accentuating the window.

Mirror behind the other mirror expanding space and being able to look at the back of your hair and self. I would use a substantial interesting frame.
Althought it may not be possible since linen closet and bathtub are on that side. But I wouldn’t rule it out.

The focus wall is probably not the wall you face as you walk in and you probably don’t want it to be.

For a mirror mosaic glass in your colors, wood with an interesting pattern something of the nature. Small spaces can use big pieces just add less smaller stuff. If you want to add a cabinet or more shelving, floating shelves, keep it simple frosted see through or glass doors reflect light. Clean lines.

You didn’t actually say you could paint looking back, if you do go for the yellow cabinets get rid of the curtain.

I would also get rid of the tan, something light airy fairly neutral, blue/grey mist talking the very bottom of the two colors of a color swatch here. Yellow or orange are hard to do without looking dingy or old. Panda white is a beautiful color and sets off orange warmly.

Just work on making it functional clean with out a lot of extra do dads. Glass balls (floaters or airplane light insulators) or old glass colored bottles do reflect light and simple interest. Some tin prints if you can find something you like.

But mostly do you need more storage, toilet paper shelf towel basket, a place for magazines or books extra towel hooks a full length mirror a place for a scale.. look for interesting ways to incorporate your needs with your style.

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Run a narrow ledge around the room any distance down from the ceiling. Have tall crown mould on the outer edge to hide the back lighting. String lights are easy to use. They present an opportunity to add color effects.



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Ohhh, lots of great ideas. Maybe too many. Now I have to think which one.
@woodcutter You kill me. Boom Done. LOL
Thank you all. Now to narrow it down.

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