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Do you think the KKK and Skinheads (AKA neo-nazi's) would be friends with each other?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) February 16th, 2013

Why or why not?

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The KKK were about white supremacy. There are still some today, although they don’t hang black people or burn crosses. or I sure as fuck hope not, anyways. Mostly now they just have websites that only AltaVista can find, and they hope you come across it and buy their figurines.
Skinheads use Hitler’s ideals to promote a society free of ’‘undesirables’’. That is, beating up and killing people who don’t wear Skrewdriver shirts, I assume.

Sounds pretty similar to me, although they might actually disagree on what races and what values are ’‘good or bad’’. But they probably have more than enough in common to be friends. I’m not sure. The modern KKK seems pretty reserved, while skinheads are more outgoing. Still, having stupid ass closed minded ideas like they do and being full of hate, I think they’d find more than enough among one another to get along.

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…ageed, although… as between “gangs” of any kind (Jets vs. Sharks), there might be issues of territoriality and mutual mistrust.

Even bad people think they’re better than other bad people.

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Who cares who they like. They are both disgusting.

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Both being dedicated to their own racial superiority—however farfetched that claim may appear of the full light of day—they share the common goal of ridding the world of undesirables, or at lest keeping them in their proper place of abject servitude. But turf wars prevent their cooperation toward that goal. And ultimately, I agree with @marinelife. What does it matter how well they work together. Both deserve to be opposed.

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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Apparently they have learned a lot from each other according to a recent NPR story. There is a new book out on the KKK and its influence.

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I don’t see much to distinguish them. I’m sure many of them are allies.

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Oh, yes. Neo-nazis hate foreigners, but they love foreign neo-Nazis. The ultimate paradox.

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