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What do you do on your iPad?

Asked by serenityNOW (3641points) February 17th, 2013

Forgive me if this has been asked in other forms
So, someone gave me an ipad a couple of months ago. I basically use it to watch movies and read computer manuals when I’m trying to learn something for the web. I play guitar, so some of those apps are cool, too. Thing is, nothing really draws me to it. I’m a casual gamer, so all those expensive games don’t really do it for me.
I do like science and history, politics and entertainment.
So… what do you do with your iPad? What makes you want to pick it up instead of a laptop? Just want some ideas!

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Don’t have a laptop. I use it after I go to bed at night to keep up on Fluther and other social apps, check e-mail and read books I’ve downloaded. I use it sometimes while I’m watching TV. and it is my go-to device when I’m traveling in addition to my smartphone. I also read an online news digest on it called “Editions” that you can download for free. It is put out by AOL.

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I’m using mine less and less since I bought a Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Paperwhite e-reader.

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I plan astronomical imaging sessions, mostly.

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My wife bought me an iPad Mini for my birthday last month. I wanted it not because I needed it but because I wanted to use it to keep up with the fast paced technology also we have an iMac that will communicate with the iPad Mini very smoothly. I play with it to do things like cruise the internet, send e-mails and text messages, take pictures/movies send pictures/movies, listen to audio books, read books, watch movies, listen to music. It is so powerful and fun to play with. I like that app that prints out what I say. Also the “Siri” app can be helpful. Also the iPad Mini is so easy to use. It is intuitive and I don’t need to read a manual to do everything that I want it to do. I just do it.

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I read PDF versions of my RPG sourcebooks.

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@janbb – Just downloaded the Editions app. So far, it’s actually quite cool. Thanks!
@jerv – That’s what I do with my computer books, too. Very ideal; I even rigged it to print, which is neat.
@gondwanalon – Wow! Great suggestions. I did just download the Apple podcasts app, and after some fiddling with itunes on my Mac, I’ve got it to sync some podcasts. (I’ve been playing with this thing for 3 hours straight. I’m beginning to see some promise.)

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I use it as a cutting board in the kitchen.

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I use it mostly to take notes and audio recordings in class and lectures (silent typing is so much better than laptop clacky keys, and I love not having a vertical screen interrupting my view), as an extra screen with AirDisplay or with content loaded on the iPad, and to read and mark up pdfs. Secondary uses include reading comics, manga, and books, surfing the internet, and it’s my preferred way to read the New Yorker and Wired. And Osmos and Gravilux are great, relaxing games.

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Jerv, which version? I use 3.5 and d20modern all on iPad.

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@Rarebear Classic BattleTech, GURPS, and Shadowrun mostly. And if you are not using ezPDF Reader, you are using a totally crappy PDF program.

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I watch documentaries on it mostly!

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@jerv I use Goodreader.

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I use it for school most of the time. I also have my MacBook, but my iPad is so much lighter and faster. I can pull it out in a matter if seconds whereas my laptop always takes time to start up and get going. I keep all of my school notes on it and I can link them to my laptop when I need to. It is just really convenient.

I don’t have cable so I watch Hulu on it and I play little games all the time also.

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