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If you could invent anything, what would it be?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) February 17th, 2013

OK we aren’t talking reality here. No concerns about physics, practicality, or unintended consequences. This is purely for fun folks.

I am thinking about eyelid props that would hold them open moisten the eyes with drops.

Also a house that would shut down once a day flip upside down and cleanse itself. No idea why it needs to flip upside down other then that is how I imagine it.

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A smoking hood which cigarette smokers could be required to wear to keep their smoke to themselves.

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a free energy device and a star trek replicator

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A surefire happiness machine.

Also a surefire guaranteed to pick the right love machine.

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1, An anti gravity device.
2. A litter removing machine.
3. A radioactivity neutraliser.
4 A tin opener that works.

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A piece of iron wire, bend in a shape, to hold multiple sheets of paper together.

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I am somewhat amusing myself lately with the idea of creating a noiseless wheely bag. What is a “wheely bag” you ask? well, any sort of bag that rolls and makes a hell of a lot of noise to my delicate ears. Why do they have to make so much noise? Couldn’t the tires be some sort of soft rubber and couldn’t they have a support structure that would minimize noise especially on rough surfaces? Maybe this is only a New York City problem? I am giving you my gem of a commercial idea here. Luggage with shockabsorbers! Its time has come!!
Seriously though, I’d love to create something that becomes a fashion classic, like the motorcycle jacket or aviator glasses, or the Chanel jacket.

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A soulmate finder. It would bring you and your soulmate together in a place where you could completely be yourself.

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A Universal health care provider.

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A bona fide real-feeling and -looking affordable sexbot.

(It could double as a passenger in your car to enable free travel in HOV lanes on the freeway, too.)

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Rubber cars, little to no damage on impact & a shit load of fun when they crash…weeeeeeeee!!

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A cure to cancer

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@YARNLADY Haha they would choke to death
@ragingloli I always wondered if the replicators’ food tasted good, but I will get on the free energy band wagon
@burntbonez But then no one would be miserable : )
@flutherother love anti gravity but I do like the song
@rebbel a staple won’t do?
@Earthgirl Oh you mean soundless heelies. Good idea. And classics, gotta love the classics.
@Adirondackwannabe no angst and no does he like me, what do i do questions.. gasp
@Kardamom Hopefully with quality!
@CWOTUS See @Adirondackwannabe he’s got you covered
@ucme sign me up bumper cars all day!
@blueiiznh true that!

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No, not at all, @rosehips. My invention would tend to reduce, not increase population. And there is no way that a sexbot could be a “soulmate” unless one is a robot to begin with.

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@CWOTUS I was a little leary of answering that one. A sexbot could never live up to a soulmate.

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True dat, but a sexbot wouldn’t have headaches, in-laws, kids, “relationship issues”, friends, baggage… need I go on?

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True, the baggage is less, but god a soulmate is so so so good.

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… monthly issues?

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A device to help me read 15 books at once O_O

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What else, a Utopian society where there was no poverty, no health care and financial worries, no racism,sexism, exploitation of any sentient being.
Loving, sharing, basking in the beauty, plenty of food, shelter and resources for everyone.
No mental illness, no crime, only peace, joy,serenity and awe of existence.
You might call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…..

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@CWOTUS I offered to hold my soulmate in between my knees in a hottub when she was having her period. I thought the warm bath and my support would help her out. She thought I was nuts. I wash.

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@CWOTUS and @Adirondackwannabe Mr Universe thought he could have both.
It was a very beautiful ceremony. Lenore wrote her own vows. I cried. Like a baby. A hungry, angry baby.

@bookish1 consume knowledge

@Coloma let’s not dither on the small stuff.

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I would like to invent a stupid driver or Drunk driver detector in order to determine whether erratic driving is caused by one or the other. In both cases, I prefer to see erratic driving in my mirror, but one doesn’t know any better, while the other does.

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@majorrich I just stay in front of the pack! helps avoid rock chips too

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I’d like to build on @majorrich‘s excellent idea and combine that detector with the Google driver (which already exists!) of fifty years from the future, which will enable completely human-free cars.

In that case, for example, one family could own a single car that could drop Dad off at the train station, then drive back to the house on its own so that Mom could use it to get to her job, too, at which point it could drive back to the house and park itself, waiting for the call from either Mom or Dad (or the kids at school) who needed transportation back home.

And it could watch out for the other drivers on the road, too.

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A totally silent vacuum cleaner.

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@CWOTUS Oh I love driving, it’s my winding down thing :( But funny story?!

@Adagio I know right crazy neighbors vacuuming at 9 in the morning, but then they get mad when you vacuum at 11 at night.

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@Adagio What was the silent bomb from Rocky and Bullwinkle?

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@rosehips How close are these neighbours? There’s no way I can hear my neighbours vacuuming. Vacuuming at 9 in the morning doesn’t sound unreasonable to me? : ^)

@Adirondackwannabe I’m completely flummoxed by your question???

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Above me .. and on the weekend? Not totally unreasonable but not a fan when I stay up til 5

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@Adagio Rockie and Bullwinkle was a cartoon. It was a hush a bomb. Sorry. :)

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@rosehips “not a fan when I stay up til 5.” Ah, and there’s your problem, not the vacuum cleaner after all, simply the lack of sleep. : ^)

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The perfect woman (for me).

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Ramen noodles on a stick.

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I’m with @ragingloli on the Replicator.

@rosehips The food tastes exactly as it’s supposed to – it’s identical to the real thing on a molecular level, as long as the “recipe” is correct. If the recipe is off, you’ll have weird texture issues. And, of course, you can’t replicate life so live Gagh is out of the question.

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A flying car that I could drive and fly at least as safely (and conveniently) as I can drive my Toyota Camry, and which would (after an initial and to-be-expected period of some wonder and amazement) cause no more reaction from others than, “Oh, yeah, a Toyota Camry, ho hum.”

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Good point, @rosehips. But let’s just say the happiness machine is expensive to operate. You might not be able to afford to be happy all the time.

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If you are going to have replicators you must have teleportation devices. That is what I would invent. As someone who has loved ones and very very dear loved ones across the globe, I really need one of those. If I could teleport and see my besties more often, it WOULD be my ‘happiness machine’.

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Also, I would not want to live in a society where everyone is happy all of the time like @Coloma states. Good art and poetry and clear reasoning skills would start to disappear. We need suffering. Call me an Existentialist for living too long here in Norway, but no one can take a bath for you.

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@Blackberry Just occurred to me that all of the men are asking for matehood and none of the women… how odd,

@AshlynM Only if it is fried : )

@Seek_Kolinahr Captain Picard didn’t seem to think so about the wine, besides taste and smell are combined. Does replicator food smell?

@CWOTUS flying cars are awesome, maybe only a few of us could have them so that traffic would be minimal.

@burntbonez Lol that is evil, happiness addicts feigning for a fix depending on a machine to make them feel good.

@cazzie You are on top of it. I can’t believe no one mentioned a teleportation device. Love it. Yeah I see your point with the happiness factor. Buzz kill : )

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@rosehips Picard’s family were vintners. He was well trained to the subtle complexities of a good wine.

With a replicator, you get what is programmed in, and only that. No variation. A carrot is a carrot is a carrot. Whereas, every bottle of wine tastes ever so slightly of the tree growing on the northwest corner of the field, and changes with the amount of sunshine or water the grapes received that season.

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@cazzie I’ll leave it to you for the Transporter. I don’t want the lawsuits the first time someone claims Transporter Psychosis.

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^^ Or they forgot your big toe and left it floating around somewhere in cyberspace or outerspace.

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An efficient machine capable of producing cheap carbon nanotubes to build a space elevator.

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