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Why does my Xperia Miro consistently miss the time of the alarms I set?

Asked by Thammuz (9058points) February 19th, 2013

I’m using my cell phone as an alarm clock and for a while everything was working fine. Now, for some reason, the alarm overshoots the time I set of an arbitrary amount of time.

Generally it either suddenly starts going off the moment I wake it, assuming it’s after the chosen time (Say i’ve set it for 7:00, I check the time at 7:10, it starts going off, I check it at 6:55, it doesn’t, then it does at the right time, usually).

Other times, namely when I don’t wake up around the right time, it overshoots up to 40 minutes (so far that’s the worst it’s ever been late).

I’ve tried clearing the clock’s cache and data, I haven’t reset the phone yet, and I’d rather not.

I suspect it might have something to do with the energy conservation mode for the phone, that could dilate the intervals at which the time is checked to save on cpu usage, but if that is the case that’s absolutely insane, so I hope that’s not the case.

I have cheked and the alarm is set to go off regardless of the mode, and google does nothing.

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It’s got to be the energy saving settings. Try looking around to see if there’s something that says which functions can use power even when in power saving mode. Or you’ll have to use a less power saving mode than your current one.

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@wundayatta Fact is I haven’t actually set any form of power saving, so it’s either something internal to the OS, or i don’t know what to look for. I’ve tired checking in any place that seemed relevant (Battery settings, power saving, clock, the actual clock app…) but nowhere does it say anything about alarms and power saving settings.

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How about sound settings? When you are in vibration mode, does anything make a sound?

If you go to clock, settings, do you have an item that says “alarm in silent mode?” If so, make sure that is checked. If it isn’t checked, you won’t get the alarm when silent mode is on. You want it to play the alarm even when silent mode is on.

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@wundayatta Yeah, it’s the first thing i checked, it’s supposed to work, and besides, it does play, it only does at weird times.

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Are you Android? Maybe you can upgrade to the next version up?

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