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What would be a good anti-bully themed acronym for the word "BULLY"?

Asked by pcmonkey (424points) February 21st, 2013

I’m trying to come up with a good acronym for the word “Bully” which has something to do with anti-bullying. Please help.

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I’m having a hard time with this one (more so than with Zensky’s icky picky puzzles) so maybe someone can take what I came up with and make it better.

Banishing Ugly Labels Lies with You

Behavior Ultimately ____ Lies with You

I can’t figure out what the second “L” would be to make this phrase work. Plus, I had to add in the word with, but I’ve seen other acronyms that have used minor words such as a or the or with that didn’t use up one of the letters.

Here’s some other words that I came up with that maybe some of the others could put to good use:

B: being, bravery, balance, beating (not hitting, conquering) believing

U: utilize, underlying, universal, understanding, unafraid, unanimity, undergoing, undertaking undetermined, up, uplifting

L: limit, limitless, life, live, learn, learning, lessons, liberty

Y: you, yourself, youth, yes

Maybe it would be easier for someone if it were bullying. Although, so far it isn’t easy for me : (

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acronym: Noun
A word formed from the initial letters of other words (e.g., radar, laser).

@pcmonkey Bravery Uplifting Life, Liberty, and Youth? I don’t know, just using some suggestions above. That’s a hard one. Most bullying acronyms are based off words like “STOP” or “BRAVE” or “STRONG”, not the word itself.

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Angry stupid senseless heathen of low evolution.

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First, you are trying to make “BULLY” into an acronym, not find an acronym for BULLY.

Second, the suggestions here are doing exactly what you probably shouldn’t try to do – give the word bully a positive meaning. It should retain a negative meaning; the last thing you want to do is make “bully” mean “hero”.

And finally, it’s not a word that lends itself easily to being an acronym. If you try to constrain yourself in this way, you’ll end up with something very awkward.

My suggestion is that you call your organization/group/whatever something else, then use the abbreviation of that name. It will be more appropriate to what you’re trying to achieve.

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Are you looking for something positive as in bullies can be turned around or to describe what bullies are?

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FAB (Fighting All Bullies)

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Not a very compelling acronym, but it kinda fits:

Beating Up Learning Loving Youngsters In Ninth Grade Should Undo Cruelly Kinky Students. ;-p

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