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How far would you go to protect a friend?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4846points) August 10th, 2010

What would you do to protect a friend? I’m talking about a true genuine friend. Would you risk your life? How about give your life? Would you punch a bully of theirs in the face?

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Yea, I would love to punch a bully in the face.

Giving up my life or risking my life? It better be for a common cause.

Like truth, justice and the American way.

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My good friends – I’d do a lot for, physically. I’ve got as far as pushing people away that were trying to “corner” or intimidate friends.

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Hmmm, I’m sensing a theme to your questions… You need to look after yourself too – otherwise you won’t be around to help look after your friends.

Perhaps it would be worth thinking about how far this friend would go for you, and balance your decision on that?

But standing up to bullies is a good thing to do, and even better done in numbers :)

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In the early 70’s (I was in my early 20’s at the time), accidently ran into a good friend of mine in a bar at 2:00am. This was a nice bar. The Half Shell on Popular Ave in Memphis. My friend had gone to a wedding and had his tuxedo on and I had a date that night and had carried her home and stopped to have a nightcap. We had a couple of drinks and talked about our golf game. On our way to our cars, two guys walk up and one of the guys started cussing my friend. My friend said, “look, I don’t want any trouble!” Well, the other guy started cussing my friend also. I step in between the two guys and my friend, and said, “come on guys let go home..we don’t want any trouble!” Did not get those words out of my mouth completely before one of the guys hit me from my blind side. Blood flew everywhere…he hit me below my eye. Well, long story short. We beat the Holy Crap out of those drunks.

Now, back to the question, this guy was my friend and when that second guys entered the equation, that was when I entered the mix. That is what friends do.

Btw, everyone in the Half Shell came out to watch the brawl. We were in the middle of Popular Ave. If you don’t know anything about Memphis, Popluar Ave arguably the busiest street in Memphis. Also, after we finished these two off, we could see the blue lights flashing and we ran to our car and never looked back.

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Good story. I give you lurve

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Pretty far, as well. Risk my own life? No.

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@jjmah understood, but my situation happened so fast, did not have time to consider that..just knew that two guys were not going to pick on my friend.

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Nothing illegal, violent or dishonest.

I would defend them in a confrontation if necessary but not without just cause.

I also would not keep unsavory secrets such as infidelity.

I hold my integrity in high regard.

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@jjmah that is not the only time that has happend. Several of my friends were in Senatobia at a dance (all of us were in our late teens…think i was 19 at the time). My friend, Cornelius Fiffe Lovelady, and we called him “Moon Man,” had a confrontation outside the dance with this huge guy. They were just mouthing at each other…and I could see it was not a good thing. I walked over and grab “Moon Man” by the arm and told him, “come on man, we don’t need this.” AGAIN, another guy hit me from my blind side..I hit the ground. All i could see was two guys on top of me. There was only one, but i was seeing double..loll When I finally came to my sense, a brawl had broken out. All my friends were fighting. Well, when the policeman tapped me on the shoulder, I had my guy’s head in between my legs, and was pounding his head. I did a number on him.

The policeman told all of us, “you see that highway…don’t look back or you guys are going to jail… Believe me, we did not look back.

Two weeks later, I was playing golf at University Couse, and a policeman drove up. He came out to the golf tee and gave me my watch back. I had lost it the night of the fight. It was my All-State watch that had my name on it. The policeman told me those guys were football players at Northwest Jr. College. Also, he told me, the police knew they started the fight.

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I’d do what it would take to accomplish the job….and maybe a little x-tra :)

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I would go pretty far to protect my friends, but no, I have to say I would not lay down my life, even as much as I love them. My children need me.

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I would give him a place to stay for as long as he needed it.

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I was a medic in the military. I wouldn’t only risk my life for my buddy, I wouldn’t hesitate to kill for him if it came to that.

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I’m not very good protection material, but I certainly would stand up for someone who is in the right, against his detractors.

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I one time ripped a guys earring out of his ear when he would not take No for a answer. My friend didn’t want to kiss him and other stuff. I meant to just grab his ear but his earing came with. He was drunk and was not going to take no for a answer. I would not put my life down.. I love life too much. But I would stick up for them in a heart beat.

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A true friend? Yes I would lay my life on the line for them. In most circumstances anyway.

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I don’t think I would lay my life on the line for a friend. I have a son to be here for, he comes before my friends. I would definitely stick up for them though and defend them as best I could.

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Real friends are friends because they share purpose. If a part of that purpose was keeping my friend alive, than I hope I’d risk my life to save their’s, or even sacrifice it if that was called for. If our only purpose was hanging out on weeknights to pass time, I wouldn’t be so inclined.

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I would and have risked my life. Only 6 weeks ago against a baseball bat wielding drunk.

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I’ve saved a friend’s life from drowning, and my own life was in peril in so doing. So I guess I’d go that far. I don’t give a shit, either, if people don’t believe me. It happened, and I don’t regret it.
Truth is, I took a chance rather than risked my life. We were on frozen ice on the river, and she went by one of those huge sewer pipes where it’s warm and the water didn’t freeze. She fell through the ice and I went over there and dragged her out, knowing full well that the ice I was on could break just like it did for her, or that I might just slide in the water. I mean, it was ice.
It’s not even about not knowing how to swim or how we were wearing huge winter jackets that would prevent much of any swimming anyway…of course, I’m not saying that because I did it once, I would do it again. I’d like to think I would, though. I’d be happier if such an opportunity wouldn’t come up again though lol.

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