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Can you help me choose a setting for my novel?

Asked by Styx (47points) February 22nd, 2013

There are six characters in this story (they are all strangers) and they all need to stay in the same location and not be able to leave. No one can escape and no new characters can enter from the outside.

I’m having trouble thinking of a setting so I need as many suggestions as possible. What I have thought of so far is:

1) A train or a plane – Either of these would be ideal for strangers to be forced together for a long period of time, but in reality there would be more than just six characters on a train and plane, and I don’t want any other characters to be involved.

2) A prison – Same as above.

3) Snowed in inside a hotel or cabin – I like this idea but there wouldn’t be six individual characters in a hotel or cabin. It would be groups of people such as families, couples or friends – not strangers.

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A youth hostel in Bulgaria?
We all know how that story ends.

An alien spacecraft with a single alien and five abductees?

Random mediaeval oubliette?

Six people left in Vatican City after the Rapture?

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A dream, perhaps? Opens up all kinds of possibilities.

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A small airplane would work, either flying or crashed in some remote area.

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- a boat/yacht where the captain has fallen overboard and no one knows how to pilot the boat

- the vestry of a church after everyone has gone home

- an elevator trapped between floors (this is an old and trite location)

- locked in the reptile house of a zoo

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The thing is, I would find it more interesting if you only have six people in a train car or a plane. There are enough credible reasons why such a situation might arise. How long should these six strangers be together? Since you included these commuting scenarios, I’m guessing hours?

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A campground where all of these strangers interconnect in whatever fashion you create.
A hospital.
A school.

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An island where the sailboat they had chartered capsizes.

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I had a wacked idea: Locked into an old insane asylum, or snowed in to a remote place, like in Stephen King’s novel. Here’s Johnny. I can’t think of the name of it though.

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New employee orientation
Ambulance bay
Local government office
Tax accountant office
Therapist waiting room
Jury duty
Railroad car
Locker room

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@janbb – Gilligan’s Island

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A monastery in Tibet
A locked museum
A Bridge in Central America

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A fishing charter.
People stuck at one end of a ferry route in an isolated place in New Brunswick when the ferry breaks down at the other end of the trip. The advantage of this one is that new people can arrive one by one. If it’s an island, they can’t really go back.

People in a camp along the Appalachian trail who get snowed in. Or rained in.

Or an earthquake causes a rock fall that blocks the doors to exit from a building. Imagine if there are people of different nationalities in there who don’t even speak a common language.

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A stranded spaceship in a decaying orbit around a black hole without supplies of food, and a cargo-bay full of stasis pods filled with children

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An airport limo. People just coming off a flight and take the van/limo to get home, or wherever they are going and something leaves the van stranded. A bad storm maybe? Cell phones don’t work because of the storm.

Late night on a subway near the end of a line and an explosion blocks the tunnel and blows up the front of the train where the conductor is. Cell phones don’t work underground in the tunnels usually.

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They’re in the basement of whatever building (hospital, school, library, hotel or whatever) when the building gets evacuated for whatever reason (terrorist threat, weather problem, hostile takeover of the country) so when they come up out of the basement, there’s nobody else there except them, but they quickly realize that they can’t leave.

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Astronauts who were trapped on the moon with one life pod and they have to chose who must use it and they are running out of air as the moon base is shutting down section by section.
Sunken submarine only six survived
Miners trapped in a mine shaft and tries to survive.

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How about a lift that breaks down and gets stuck between floors.

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An elevator or school bus.

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I’m not feeling very imaginative right now but your question immediately made me thing of the book Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. Great book. I will try to come up with a more original idea tomorrow.

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a silver mine or cave that is now a tourist attraction

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