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Is this a usb virus or an update?

Asked by sgrob (90points) February 24th, 2013

Recently, when I insert a flash drive and open it a shortcut shows up first before I can proceed to my files. I didn’t mind at first but my cousin’s iPod crashed—all the files were deleted when he connected it to the computer and blamed the suspiscious ‘update’. I had scanned my computer several times with an updated free antivirus before this happened but didn’t detect anything. So is ‘update’ the problem?

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What exactly is the update message that you get when you insert the flash drive?

Were your cousin’s songs deleted from a hard drive or from his iPod? Were you using iTunes at the time?

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There is no relationship between them; your cousin just wants a scapegoat.

If you connect an iDevice to any computer other than the one used to sync it, and you leave iTunes on it’s default behavior, it WILL get wiped clean. If you try to manually sync it to a copy of iTunes other than the one it’s registered to, it may get wiped. If you try using the Windows version of iTunes, then all bets are off.

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It sounds like the “shortcut” you’re seeing on the desktop is part of the flash drive. A lot of flash drives come with their own software for backups, etc. You can try installing Malwarebytes or SuperAntiSpyware and scan the flash drive if you’re concerned, but it doesn’t sound like a virus. Also, @jerv is right, when plugging in an iDevice on someone elses computer it most likely will launch iTunes automatically and begin “syncing” the device which means it’ll wipe it.

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Install Malwarebytes and run off some scans.

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I guess your PC has infected with the Shortcut Virus.

It converts files and folders in removable davices (flash drives, external hard drives, sd cards, ...) when they connected to the infected PC.

Fixing a Virus infected PC is not an easy task.

However if you fixed it, then again there will have lot of issues due to the changes done by the virus to windows system.

The ideal solution is reinstall the OS again and install a reliable virus guard before to another virus attack.

For removable devices like Flash Drives, Memory Cards you can use Shortcut Virus Remover.
100% free simple application.

Download Link –
(this site includes and also explain all possible solutions against Shortcut Virus)

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