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Should fluther get rid of the lurve system altogether?

Asked by Paradox25 (10174points) February 24th, 2013

Most people on here claim that lurve isn’t important to them. Lurve distribution also seems to cause many arguments on here. Would fluther be better off lurvefree? When I say lurve I’m meaning not just actual points, but GA and GQ votes altogether.

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This is Fluther, and this is pretty much the way things will stay, since Ben and Andrew have gone to Twitter.
The GA and GQ give new jellies a way to find the best answers or questions quickly. The Lurve system isn’t perfect, and some jellies have done their best NOT to get Lurve (I’m looking at YOU, @Zen). Just accept this wonderful site as it is, and you will be happy.

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I guess I’m not one of those folks who claims that lurve doesn’t matter. But in my view, the points are less important than the ability to give people GAs and GQs. I like being able to thank people or support people. And sometimes in serious conversations I’ll put myself on a limb that I might not in real life, or even not be sure that I’ve expressed myself adequately, and it’s reassuring to see that I have communicated something that other people value.

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NO GA and GQ are useful when you’re looking for old questions.

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Not until I reach 30K dammit!

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Heck, no, but I’ve always had a competitive streak. I’ve mostly conquered it, but it is still lurking around. I probably would be here somewhat less without it.

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I Lurve the Lurve system. It separates the wheat from the chaff in questions and in answers. You’re always free to disagree with the ratings. The flat Earth theory got high ratings once upon a time. We later determined that even though everybody subscribed to it, they were all wrong. That sort of socially accepted misinformation is still a possibility. But for the most part, GQ & GA ratings seem to pretty accurately reflect the truth.

And like @Sunny2 says, I’m way too close to 30K Lurve to think about a change right now.

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1. No.
2. The people who whine about lurve distribution are the same crybabies who would raise hell at McDonald’s that the person in front of them got an extra pickle on their burger.

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“Lurve distribution also seems to cause many arguments on here.”

Self-fulfilled prophecy, anyone? If you don’t want to see arguments about lurve, don’t initiate discussions about it. No one is going to change the lurve system, so the only thing for people to do in this question is vent about it or defend it. Nothing else can possibly be accomplished.

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I believe out biggest lurve whiner has been banned. :)

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@WillWorkForChocolate Lol. Eat some chocolate. You could do with it.

I actually like the lurve system. I don’t view it as something to be used as a tool for competition’s sake, more a case of finding out what is good and what isn’t. I think @ETpro pretty much covered that point – so I’d refer to his answer just to be clear on it.

This isn’t a game of space invaders, just enjoy the site for what it is.

I don’t see the problem that people have with it to be honest.

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@SamandMax I wish I could. Sinus issues = no chocolate temporarily.

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Lurve is supposed to be a nice extra, like a pat on the back. Just a little affirmation in a world that too seldom gives us any. Some people do take it very seriously, of course, and will get upset over it, but most people appreciate it for what it is. In any case, it won’t be changing any time soon.

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Kinda curious, do you think that some people would be here if we did not have lurve? Just wondering. :)

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Maybe change the name, “lurve” sounds a little twee/camp…perhaps “sugar-fix” would make a suitable alternative.

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It doesn’t matter what it’s called, people will understand it or misunderstand it the same way. It’s a sense of how people respond to what someone wrote. An imperfect sense, since you can’t know why someone else would think something is a GA or GQ. It will forever be open to interpretation.

Personally I like it. And why wouldn’t I? It’s something I do well. I don’t know why people give it to me, but they do, so I just keep on doing what I’ve been doing. I can never predict what will get lurve. Well, actually, I think it has something to do with expertise. They seem to like it when you act like you know what you’re talking about.

But sometimes they like humor. You got to get the tone right to get humor points, though. Most of my attempts at humor get nothing.

I think people like honesty.And they dislike blatant attempts at being cute or obnoxious or anything that is opposite from honesty.

Getting rid of lurve would get rid of a lot of what makes this place unique and gives it character and history. I doubt it would happen, even if we did have active owners doing things to make changes.

If we did get rid of lurve, the people who might not like that enough to leave would probably be weak jellies, anyway. I could have done without the lurve at the beginning. But I am not unhappy to have been given it. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, I guess. I feel like Sally Fields at the Oscars, sometimes!

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don’t mess with my larvae

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What kind of larvae do you have, @jonsblond? Fly larvae? And larvae? Beetle larvae?

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the kind that is full of hypocrisy. ;)

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I think that is a great idea. The lurv system is daft. Maybe a ‘thank you ’ thumbs up with no points. I’d prefer that.

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