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What is the name of the sci-fi movie where people put their bodies into a sleep-like state and use their minds to control an avatar.

Asked by cryifiwant2 (18points) February 25th, 2013

I don’t mean the movie Avatar! It was something else…

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The Matrix?
Sword Art Online?

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Surrogates is correct.

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Has anyone seen Surrogates? I like Bruce Willis, but I don’t want to waste my time if it sucked.

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I have, it’s actually pretty good.It’s also scary the way they did him up to look like a younger version of him. t was just too weird.

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Thank you all for your help!!
I noticed it’s rated PG-13. I can’t remember how scary it is—can anyone remind me?

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It isn’t scary, but it is suspenseful.

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Definitely not scary in the least. Does keep you comfortably on the edge of your seat plenty of times, not right the way through it, but it has a brilliant plot that follows logically from one point to the next pretty well, none of that drawn out dragging it on business, to be honest, when it finished after the first time I’d seen it, i didn’t think it was long enough! That’s usually my own personal indicator that a film must be pretty good.
Unlike Sherlock Holmes, or Avatar – both of which dragged on forever.
Rated PG-13 because there is the odd bit of people getting artificial limbs blown off, green goo going all over the place as a result, what some adults may consider being potentially nightmare worthy scenes for kids, and there is some more human looking blood involved in it – but it is a good film. I’d recommend watching it, but then that’s only cause I enjoyed it, and I’m not really that much of a film critic.

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Can only think of Avatar, the Tommy knockers

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The man with Brains?

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