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Where do people print personalized items sold on Etsy & Ebay?

Asked by metadog (378points) February 25th, 2013

Hi! I see a lot of products that you can buy cheaply on and that are personalized with initials, or names or what ever. For example, I found a “store” on where you could buy a designed mouse pad personalized with your initials for $9.95. Do they use a service for that that they resell? and are WAY more expensive for a one off. How do they do it? Where do they do it? Do they have their own equipment? Personalized stuff can’t be a volume deal, can it? Thanks!

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They probably have their own printing equipment if they’re doing it as a business.
I used to have a boyfriend who owned a small print shop (also called a “Service Bureau”) and while his main income/primary customers were glossy color prints for University posters, and medical presentations (his connections were with a University) he also did small custom print jobs (invitations, custom screen printing) for artists/designers selling personalized items, too.

Google “Service Bureaus” to find info.

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