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Does anyone have any experience with Amsterdam's red light district?

Asked by karmakameleon (2points) July 4th, 2007
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its filled with pornstars and hookers. Its like the "sex district" of amsterdam. My friend tells me that you can legally smoke pot even though you might be 15. Its kinda a bit expensive. And parts of "Euro Trip" was actually filmed there

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when i was about 10 i was on vacation in amsterdam with my parents and -- supposedly -- we took a wrong turn and ended up there. i remember seeing a bunch of women standing naked in their windows with red lamps next to them and thinking that european women must not really care who sees them naked. i asked my mom questions about it at the time but she was busy trying to get me to look at the boats on the opposite side of the walkway. i didn't connect the dots until years later.

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I have a colleague (no, really) who spent some time wandering the streets in the area admiring the "goods" of offer - ladies do sit in the windows and gesture to come inside ...
Shunning the entreaties by doormen to come watch the various live sex shows also on offer, he finally plucked up the courage, made his choice and stepped inside.
The usual thing followed: he paid his money, the lady led him through to a darkened room at the back of the apartment and the inevitable happened.
My colleague (no, really) subsequently rolled over to relax for a moment before being ushered out to make way for the next punter, whereupon he realised the "room" was a set on a stage theatre-style. He had just taken a lead role in one of the live sex shows ...
Yes, really!

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Not to mention that there is a church in the center of it, so if you need something like that afterwards, you don't have to search :-)

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I have been there and had a great time. I read a nice report ( from a guy who went to several girls in the red light district and I wanted to try it for myself. I was really surpriced about how beautiful these girls are. For some reason I thought hookers can't be beautiful but boy, they are (well ... most of them). It took me some time to pick the girl I liked most (and find my courage) but the experience, although short, was great. The girl was nice and very experienced (no problem getting me excited). Visiting these girls is not something to brag about (for me) but next time I am in Amsterdam I will go again, definitely!

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Some guy tried to pick my pocket there. That's all I remember. I would never go to a hooker. It's not that I think it's immoral, it's just too dangerous disease wise.

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I was in Amsterdam for four days and spent a lot of time in and around the red light district. In my experience, a lot of the hookers are more just for show and to impress tourists. Most people just walk up to the windows, drool a bit, get a little nervous or embarrassed or try to take photos (which isn’t allowed, by the way). Marijuana is legal, within the hash bars (which are all over the place, and for future reference, the ones with the kitschy-er the name, the more geared toward American teenage tourist guys it will be), and is probably a better use of your time than the prostitutes.

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