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Chaos or order?

Asked by o0 (222points) February 13th, 2009

I’m sure you understand the question… what’s the answer?

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Chaos, by default of entropy. Now can you tell me what I just answered?

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I choose to impose order on chaos, at least as a construct.

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The cycles of nature alone speak of some type of order.

Or is this just a special attachment humans place on events to achieve a sense of “time and place”?

Remember: Chaos theory is still about a pattern we can’t quite see…

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The answer is: Chaos is order.

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Chaotic orderliness.

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Chaos. We impose the order, and that order is different for everyone.

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Order is just an illusion.

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@BluefreedomThat would be an awesome band name.

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Entropy is change—loss—sway—slipping away. Breath in life—one less breath till death!

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Chaos, definitely!

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From Chaos Order.

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I find order in chaos.

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@steve6…So the question should be, “Chaos or Illusion”?

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considering the keywords I doubt the mathematical model is the question here :)

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@TaoSan the question still stands. either math is meaningless; or it is everything; or… both.

p.s. I’m glad you picked up on the tags

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Give in to the chaos, and the order will emerge.

So says a friend of mine.

Myself, I like my chaos just the way it is. Too much order is stifling and oppressive.

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Organized chaos

When I was little I thought that chaos was pronounced “chows” for the longest time. Even now sometimes I make that mistake.

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…and once you truly answer this question don’t you bliss put like some Tibetan monk?

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@toomuchcoffee911 Chows is the random devouring of the universe by an absolutely evil and saintly worm. (who is actually eating himself… the self devourer.)

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okay…. still chaos….

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Thanks for clearing that up for me…

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Chaos. Then, my imposed order. Then, my imposed chaos. Repeat.

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You forgot to rinse and wash.

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I prefer CONTROL over CHAOS.
But then I’ve been a fan of Max for years.

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Order in chaos… chaos is order… order… chaos… I see a pattern already.

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There’s your answer, then: Fluther is order.

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* i just noticed that fluther changes my ellipses… incorrectly!… for an explanation of ellipses.

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Can I choose some grey area in between?

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@loseri think the gray area between chaos and order is life

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@Blondesjon. I thought the gray matter/area was what was in our skulls. Maybe mine is rainbow colored?

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@Bluefreedom I think mine is plaid.

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@loser…So is tartar sauce!

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Don’t let this conversation die… we are so close to finding the truth. so far the consensus is that chaos is a mix up of order; which is to say that order is really just chaos.

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Are we talking about the novels by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.?

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How much order is necessary to destroy chaos? And how much chaos is necessary to destroy order?

Can they mix, like water and sugar? Or just co-exist, like water and oil? Or do they exist in such pure forms that they cannot co-exist, like matter and antimatter?

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Nature is subjected to an absolute organization, to determined laws, to a complete order and a finished design, from which it will never depart—to such a degree, indeed, that if you look carefully and with keen sight, from the smallest invisible atom up to such large bodies of the world of existence as the globe of the sun or the other great stars and luminous spheres, whether you regard their arrangement, their composition, their form or their movement, you will find that all are in the highest degree of organization and are under one law from which they will never depart.

But when you look at Nature itself, you see that it has no intelligence, no will. For instance, the nature of fire is to burn; it burns without will or intelligence. The nature of water is fluidity; it flows without will or intelligence. The nature of the sun is radiance; it shines without will or intelligence. The nature of vapor is to ascend; it ascends without will or intelligence.

Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions

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I would assume that you can’t have one without the other so it’s just a big circle, but I personally like it when the chaos half is around.

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It would appear that one Abdu’l-Baha has not been reading up on his quantum theory.

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orderly chaos

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Judging from my desk, chaos.

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There is no answer. It’s a paradox.

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@augustlan that would be my answer as well. Of course, finding something on a chaotic desk is easier than on an orderly desk, why is that?

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Messy desk = orderly mind? I think I’m gonna’ go with that! :)

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Why is that? Because…because…because if your desk is orderly, you put your trust in the order and not in yourself; whereas when it is chaotic, you must actively maintain an awareness of the relative position of things and be keenly attuned to visual cues and memory tags; and these are more reliable than the constancy of abstract systems.

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Besides, if your desk is orderly, the thing you want probably isn’t on it. Whereas everything is on mine.

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Without human interference, chaos and order work hand in hand and are quite the pair.

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I just need a desk to begin with :-(

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I am very orderly, but somehow creative and non-conformist as well. I think you need the balance. A context of order within which chaos can flourish.

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@Jayne – What part of the quote is in opposition to Quantum theory?

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Chaos is order. if everything was ordered, no compounds could exist, therefore making life imposable. Chaos is just a name given to the randomness of orderly mixing of the elements and the resulting blend of compounds.

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@fireside; The bit about the ‘smallest invisible atom’ being orderly. Quantum theory states that objects on the scale of atoms are governed by probability rather than causation, meaning that future behavior cannot, on a very fundamental level, be extrapolated from current behavior; in fact, you can’t even know what that current behavior is. This, presumably, is the epitome of chaos rather than of order.

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@Jayne – sure, but the fact that they are governed by causality is similar to saying that water flows without intelligence. The composition and the behavior are not equivalent.

The composition of the water (in theory, let’s not muddy the water with particulates) stays the same regardless of the its unknown path.

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Order in the court; Chaos on Saturday morning cartoons.

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Chaotic Neutral

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@Vinifera7careful your nerd is showing

Hey…wait a minute…If I say that it means that I, too, am versed in Dungeons and Dragons.

Shit! My cover is blown! Game over man!

Unless…i can make this saving throw against my coolness attribute…has anyone seen my 2d20?

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Sorry man, but no dice.

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I’ve actually never played D&D. I just wanted to see if anyone would get that reference. You fell directly into my trap! Muahahaha!

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@Vinifera7…Not if I make my DC 20 saving throw against your trap. I must warn you, I have a +15 reflex modifier.



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Really hammerin’ in that nerd nail, huh?

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Don’t blame me. He did it himself.

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the merging of both in balance.
(duality, mate… duality)

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chaos is fun ^-^

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I prefer order thank you, with a side of chaos.

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Even within chaos is a bit of order, as is a little of chaos within order

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