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When you're at a concert/show/etc. and you need to move down your isle, do you give people your ass or your crotch?

Asked by esayexohen (60points) June 11th, 2008

This question isn’t from me, but I’ve always thought it funny. I give em my ass…

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Ahh…a quote from Fight Club

I think for technical reasons, it’s easier to face away from the person you’re trying to pass; the flex of your knee away from your adversary allows you to maneuver past them a lot easier.

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Crotch. That way I can see what is going on.

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I give them my ass.

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Hahaha, awesome question. I turn my butt to them. I feel weird if I frontal them and shimmy past. Their face is in such a personal spot that I feel like I need to make eye contact (or make them buy me dinner).

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As long as I get a free dinner.

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ass all the way.

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I’ve rarely been at a concert where you get that choice, usually there’s people on both sides. But I always lead the way with my shoulder – I find people are usually quite obliging when you put your hand gently on their shoulder to squeeze past them.

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ass. then they can stare without feeling embarrassed. j/k.

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Just call me “Assman.”

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Nice ode to Seinfeld Chuck, I’m an Assy McGee myself as well.

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Crotchy McCrotcherson! Usually.

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Both sides indeed, usually looking towards where I want to go :)

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Be it an airplane, the theater or a concert, if I have to walk in front of a person? I turn and face them. I also say excuse me, as I block their view. To me, it would be rude to do otherwise. My daughters do the same. Though, I must admit. I go to ALOT of concerts each year (an example last week we went and
saw—R.E.M. This Sunday, we see Panic

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Sorry! iPhone locked up… Since we see so many concerts, I usually don’t have that problem as we are either in first row isle or Handicap and there again, no one in front or behind. We also have a “Coldplay” concert, and our seating is center stage first row loge, since there will be seats separating us, I don’t care if I give them my backside!

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I face them, and say please excuse me. I also like to watch that I don’t step on their feet.

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I think it preserves the anonymity and minimizes the physical space violation if I face away from them. So that’s what I do as that’s what I would prefer others do when passing me.

All you crotch people out there, that crotch is at face height when I am sitting while you move past. I’d prefer your discreetly covered, totaly inactive (please) ass.

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I face away from them so if I stumble over a foot, I can grab the back of the seat in front of them. but mostly, I sit on the end of the aisle so I don’t have to do this at all.

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sometimes the crotch sometimes my ass depending what I want to see, If is a lady I am passing then the crotch of course, for a guy always the ass

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Usually the ass….not always the best choice.

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so what do u give them Trance? Always your ass?

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I do both. Neither has worked well for me. Once I scooted by crotch first and fell forward, catching myself on some guy’s shoulders, ending up nose to nose. Another time I faced away and headed in butt-style. Then I tripped and took a seat in someone’s lap.

Six of one, half-dozen of another.

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@edmartin I usually give the ass to avoid eye contact, but then the tripping comes in and then its even more awkward because you are sitting in someones lap.When you go crotch first you get the awkward stares of “why is your crotch in my face?” .

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If I have to push past someone I don’t know, usually I do crotch so I can see where I’m going. However, if I know the people I’m pushing past then I do ass cuz if I sit on one of them, it’s all good.

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