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Have you noticed any changes in the weather where you live?

Asked by AstroChuck (37555points) June 11th, 2008 from iPhone

Here, in the Sacramento area, it has been windy nearly everyday this year. There has never been a year with this much wind and this many windstorms.

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Eugene has been cold. I really shouldn’t be using the heater right now. But we aren’t having freakish weather. It is just unusually cold.

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Cental Illinois has been unusually wet including a flood warning for the past week and 1/2. Also, we’ve experienced scattered tornados but that is nothing new here. I did hear one report of softball-sized hailstones (4.25 in) thick falling in a community near me!

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That can put a dent on your day uh?

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With this recent heat wave on the East Coast, I was recalling how rare it was to see 90•F when I was a kid, and 100•F was unimagineable. They have both become more and more common over time.

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Southern California is starting to feel more like Arizona ☥ ☀

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Yea, it changes several times every hour – but that’s the charm of Irish weather, you get all seasons in a day!

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we’re having a hotter than normal spring in Memphis, TN…the high today is supposed to be around 94 degrees Fahrenheit. we’ve been in the upper 80’s and mid-90’s for a few weeks now. the norms for this time of the year is in the low 80’s/upper 70s….at least it’s not humid right now and the nights are still somewhat bearable. just stinks because it won’t cool down until October.

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@AstroChuck: I was just talking yester about how this seems to be the windiest year ever in northern california. I REALLY hope it doesn’t last all summer; I hate the wind.

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Really, really cold in Puget Sound. First sunny day today in weeks.

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MPLS, Minnesota has been rainy almost everyday & if it’s not raining it’s partly/mostly cloudy all day.

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