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Could you provide me Environmental geology 8th - Edward A. Keller?

Asked by paygate591 (13points) March 5th, 2013

I’m a student. The teacher asked me to translate Environmental geology – Edward A.Keller, but I can not find the book.
I live in Vietnam, so I can not buy it online and ship home.
Can you help me? Please give me a link to download it.

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Here’s the study companion. has the 9th edition

Here’s a list of sellers.

Why can’t you buy online and ship? There is no ebook available, so you’re going ot have to find a way to get a physical copy.

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@syz Very nice. Well done.

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I’m student… I don’t have more money, I found environmental geology 9th. But my teacher asked me tranlate 8th :((, I can’t buy it by anyway. Someone help me

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@paygate591 You are asking us to do something illegal, which we will not do. If your teacher has asked you to translate something, then your teacher should be the one to either provide the text for translation or tell you where to get it. I recommend speaking directly to your teacher.

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