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Is it just me, or are these pictures just horrible?

Asked by Ayesha (6213points) March 11th, 2013

Here’s a link to the Top 100 sexiest women of 2013 according to men’s health.

Some of the pictures are good, but most of them make me go “huh?”.

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Sexy is not always beautiful. I don’t think they’re all acknowledged beauties either.

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The only horrible thing that I was astounded by was to discover that Madeleine Albright didn’t make it to the list.

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Not really my idea of beauty. I have not looked at all of them, but from what I have seen I am not impressed. I know from the makeup, the dress, the skinny body and the jewels that I am supposed to think they are good looking, but when I look at them, I can’t get the words “industry standard fake beauty” out of my head.

If you need a costume department, a lighting team, heavy makeup, and someone with a 5 year long course in photoshop to look good, chances are you are not all that.

The photos are not exactly great quality, but that just adds more to my point I think.

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The only sexy one on that list is Sara Jean Underwood.

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I’m surprised by some of the women listed and even more so by some of the women who didn’t make the list at all. Regardless, I do think they could have found more flattering photos of several people on the list.

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Some of them are pretty bad. They aren’t that sexy.

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That list don’t mean shit, my wife tops all such polls every year & there’s no sign of her…or Kelly Brook who runs her a close second.

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@ucme That’s so sweet :)

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There’s a few I think are attractive – my favourite on that list is Cote de Pablo from NCIS. But I think all of them would be a good deal sexier if they just ate something, and put on a few (or in some cases a lot) extra pounds.

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Not all of them are sexy or all that pretty, but really I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re ’‘horrible’’.

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Hey – everyone/every magazine has their own “top whatever” – it doesn’t reflect anything objective – and top 100 – give me a break…. where’s Sophia Loren?

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Go to the Men’s Health site and look at the photos. Then go to the MSN site @Ayesha posted in her original question. MSN didn’t use the same photos that were posted by Men’s Health.

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Those pictures are horrible, as @bkcunningham ‘s contribution highlights. Also, “sexy” (msn) and “hot” (Men’s Health) are two different things. Clearly, the msn piece is a shabby “me too” effort.

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I didn’t scroll through all of the pictures but none of the ones I saw struck me as horrible. That’s an incredibly negative word to use when describing the way someone looks. Only a handful of them are to my own personal taste but none of them look horrible. At worst I am indifferent to some of them.

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@Leanne1986 I am not referring to anyone’s looks. The context I meant that in was that the pictures that were taken to make a top 100 are of extremely bad taste. Some of the actresses have way better pictures than the ones we’re getting to see. And to be very honest, most of them don’t deserve to be in the list at all. But who am I to decide? It’s just how I feel. I don’t mean to offend anyone.

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@Ayesha Ah I see what you are saying, sorry. I don’t think everyone agrees 100% with any of these lists as people have different tastes. There are some there that aren’t to my taste but someone else may think they deserve their place on the list so I never take them too seriously. There are plenty of famous women that I think are absolutely beautiful and yet they never appear on these lists. As for the pictures, You’re right, some of them aren’t all that flattering although I didn’t find them horrible.

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