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Do you own a little black dress, and what situations do you break it out for?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) December 29th, 2010

Do you have a “little black dress_ in your war chest, and if so, when does it see action? At what point does it stop being a “little black dress” to just a black dress or a black gown? If a guy, have you ever purchased a little black dress for your woman and if so was it her idea or your’s to get it?

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uh, what difference does it make HC?

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I do have a lbd, and have worn it perhaps twice. It’s a bit too nice to be worn out casually.

Shall I describe it? It’s rather slinky and short (not my usual style, but the black makes it classy) with ruffles and sequins all over it, and wide shoulder straps that cross over at the back. I generally avoid black outside of work, but this dress I adore. Somebody needs to invite me to a party so I can wear it.

@BoBo1946 For decades the little black dress has been popularised as a staple of a woman’s wardrobe. It appears @Hypocrisy_Central is checking to see if it is still worth treating the lbd as a ‘necessity’.

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The one I hae shows a lot of cleavage so I only wear it for very dressy occasions.

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My LBD is silky, very fitted, the hem just touches my knees and is a very classic style, so won’t go out of fashion, which is just as well since I never go anywhere nice to wear it lol. I’ve worn it once since buying it, and that was for a special dinner I made for hubby as a surprise but it does make me feel good knowing I have it sitting there waiting for me :-)

The little black dress is an essential in every womans wardrobe, and always will be because it’s great to have that little something in your wardrobe that you know looks great if you have somewhere formal to go to, or just when you want to feel special. Fix your hair, nice shoes, a little lipstick and (my own little essental accessory) a string of pearls and you feel like a princess :-) As I said, every woman needs one, not for anyone else but for herself, just to remind herself whenever she opens her wardrobe and sees it that she’s special, and one of a kind, as we all are fellas.
huggles xx

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oh… got’cha @iphigeneia !

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It’s a little black dress because it covers little of your body and not because it’s for size 10 and below kind of people. I have little black dresses but I never ‘whip ‘em out’ for any occasion other than tango. I have a little red dress, though, that I use when I need to knock them off their feet – it works every time.

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I have many little black dress and wear them when the occasion calls for it.and sometimes when it doesn’t ;)

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Pics or it never happened, y’all.

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Sure, several, so they come out depending on the occasion. I even have the little black funeral dress!

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Little black funeral dress?

“Is that sympathetic rigor mortis in my pants, or am I just happy to see you?”

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I wear it with a tasteful jacket and it’s not short. So maybe it’s not little either. Hmm, well it’s black. Sexiest dress I ever had was not so short either, backless, yes.

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I wear a tasteful jacket with it and it’s not short. Hmm, maybe it’s not a little black dress. Sexiest dress I ever had was not short either, backless, yes.

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HC, i give it up to you…. <clapping with both hands and both feet> Only you can make a black dress a public issue! Kudos to you! Well, feet might be overstated.

Now, go make me a sandwich Bob!

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@BoBo1946 You hafta cover the little black thong with something <wink wink>

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@bob_ “Is that sympathetic rigor mortis in my pants, or am I just happy to see you?”

Lol. XD That’s totally from a C&H comic isn’t it?

I have a little black dress but I don’t look any good in it so I never wear it. I guess I thought it was a impulse good idea at the time of purchase, but it really wasn’t. I’m totally not a dress person anyways.

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@Symbeline Actually, no, that’s bob_’s original brand of humor XD

Now put on that dress, get me some whisky and dance for me.

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@bob_ You should totally work for them. :D

’‘Abides’’ :D

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@noelleptc Come to San Fran and I will, it will have to be a double or my fiancee will give me the John Wayne Bobbitt treatment. {:-o

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Right now I don’t have little black dress, but I should. I would wear it out for dancing or when invited to a party that requires party clothing, but not to the point of semi-formal. Usually I think of lbd as above the knee. But, it could be just below the knee if the style was right. Longer than that and it is not a lbd to me.

I do have a black “dress” in my closet right now, it is actually a two piece, but appears as one, but the skirt is very long, so it is more formal. Good for weddings and semi formal or formal parties.

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@Hypocrisy_Central yeah, I’ve seen some on this site. A good question: What are the guidelines on avatars? I’m sure that has been covered in guidelines. Will check it out. Never read that before.

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@Hypocrisy_Central You’re thinking about getting the two of them drunk, aren’t you?

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@noelleptc That would be great so long as there is soneone you are hand in hand with. If it is a threesome I can see somebody me being said to be in collusion.

@bob_ Errrr…, we don’t drink so we would certainly keep @noelleptc from getting hammered but if she did wewould make sure we had her back. ;-)

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Indeed. I love my lbd’s.

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loll.. still talking about the Black widow… i mean dress!

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@noelleptc I would ruin that unless I went in drag! LOL LOL Remeber, she would give me the John Wayne Bobbitt treatment. Hence But a double will still work Hee hee hee

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Say goodnite Irene! “Goodnite!”

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Oh yes, I definitely do! It’s my go-to dress for parties that call for a more polished attire – receptions, cocktail parties, dinner and drinks in the city with friends. I have a slightly different one that is more appropriate for a funeral. The LBD can be accessorized in so many ways I don’t think I’ve ever worn it the same way twice.

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