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Google is shuttering its RSS reader. Can you recommend an alternative?

Asked by phaedryx (6129points) March 13th, 2013

Sure I could do a search, but I want to know what people are using and what they like.

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I am furious. This is how I consume the web – and how I’ve done it for years. What is the alternative? Browse individual websites? What is this, 1999? Does anyone have a link to the latest Netscape browser?
I am was the biggest Google fanboy, but this is unacceptable. It really reveals the problem with free services. I would pay at least $10/month for this, and so would many people I know.

I’m really curious – what the hell is the alternative? F*cking Google.

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I’m trying Feedly, but I just started. I’ve been using Google Reader since Flock disappeared. On the plus side it scooped up all my subscriptions easy as an eagle snatches a hobbit. Hmmm, and it looks like it can intercept tweets. Sweet. Pissed me off when twitter discontinued their rss feeds.

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Outlook works great if you have MS Office

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If you have an iPad, try the Flipboard app. As a news reader, it beats Google Reader by a mile. And you can customize it any which way you want. It’s now one of my favorite apps.
And if you like your news in the form of videos, try Watchup. It’s like the video version of Flipboard.
On Andoid, there is an app similar to Flipboard. The name escapes me right now, but you can do a search for it easily.

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@2davidc8 – Thanks. But Flipboard (which I’ve used on both iOS and Android) is a completely different product for an entirely different use case. Power users are so upset about Google closing down Reader because it’s how we are able to consume large quantities of information in the most efficient way possible. Flipboard is pretty, but doesn’t solve what RSS does – in any way, functionally speaking.

Anyway, this will likely have a good effect on the software market in the long run. It seems that I’m not alone. Power users and techies have been shaken into realizing that Google is no longer serving them. This should open up some real possibilities for new software and services, which will allow the techie crowd to leave Google to become another damn Apple and serve up sh*t for people who don’t know better. (Did I mention that I am mad?)

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Ok, it’s currently under a heavy load right now, so I can’t evaluate it, but from what I am hearing the closest (and best) alternative is newsblur.

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I’m ditching feedly (don’t like the interface) and sticking with The Old Reader which has the same no-nonsense efficiency of Google Reader.

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