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How long will tagged articles stay in Google Reader?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) October 12th, 2008

If I add tags to my articles, will they ever be deleted? Do articles even get deleted from Reader? Would it be better just to star?

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I have been wondering the same thing! Eagerly waiting for response on this one. I usually both star and tag though… What subject fields are you following? Wanna exchange share rss?

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How can you add tags to individual articles? I thought you could only add them to feeds as a whole (and annoyingly slow at that)?

Anyway, if you can, I’d be surprised if they’d ever get deleted – why would they do that?

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Is it possible to upload a screenshot of tagging a single entry? I’m curious as to how you do this…

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@vincent When you click on the article there are six options at the bottom of the highlighted article: add star, share, share with note, email, keep unread, and add tags. Just click add tags and type a tag. It should show up in the navigation bar under your subscriptions.

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Damn, what am I, blind?

Anyway, I see the same tags I’m using for the feed, so I suppose they are the same. And I set those tags a long time ago, so they’ll stay there :)
(May I ask why your articles need to be tagged forever? :)

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I think that they probably will stay tagged for the forseeable future. Google doesn’t skimp with data storage- that exact article has probably been archived dozens of times already. Google may decide to clean out their petabytes-upon-petabytes cache, but I doubt it’ll happen while you’re still using google reader.

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